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Clean Air Zones - Update

The first Clean Air Zone setup in London expanded on 25th October 2021 to include areas inside of the North Circular Road (A406) and South Circular Road (A205), but these roads are not included in the zone. The PHEV 100% exemption has also been withdrawn.

Outside of London, Bath City centre has imposed a Class C (see below for classification table) Clean Air Zone since 15th March 2021.

If you deliver into city centres then Clean Air Zones will need to be factored into either your delivery costs, (Bath CAZ charges £100/day for an HGV to enter the zone) or into the cost of replacing your fleet with lower emission or emission free vehicles.

It is therefore likely that many companies will operate mixed fleets for quite some time as vehicles are replaced, so choosing the correct vehicle for deliveries into Clean Air Zones will become vitally important to ensure that charges are kept to a minimum. Once the parameters of your vehicles are entered into Descartes’ routing software it will automatically select the best vehicle from your fleet when scheduling deliveries within clean air zones.

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The following cities are now expected to introduce their own Clean Air Zones in the near future:

Birmingham 1st June 2021 Class D
Bristol Delayed until Summer 2022 Small area of Class D

London ULEZ expanded Zone

25th October 2021 Area inside, but excluding the north & south Circulars
Bradford October 2021 Class C
Leicester Summer 2021 Class B
Manchester May 2022 Class A -C new roads included
Newcastle Delayed until July 2022 ?
Portsmouth 29th November 2021

Class B

non-compliant HGVs, buses and coaches will be charged £50 a day.

Details here

Rotherham & Sheffield On Hold Class C

Other cities that may follow with Clean Air Zones are:

Liverpool Plans on Hold  
Oxford August 2021 Zero Emmission Zone (ZEZ)
Southampton Operational Non Charging
Sefton TBC  
St Albans TBC  
Warrington TBC  
Wokingham TBC  
York 2021 Class A


Glasgow Feb - May 2022  
Edinburgh Feb - May 2022  
Aberdeen Feb - May 2022  
Dundee Feb - May 2022  


CAZ's are being considered for a number of towns

Cardiff Definately Not Recently ruled out a CAZ

Clean Air Zone Classifications

  • Class A - Buses, coaches, taxis and private hire vehicles (PHVs)
  • Class B - Buses, coaches, taxis, PHVs and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs)
  • Class C - Buses, coaches, taxis, PHVs, HGVs and light goods vehicles (LGVs)
  • Class D, Buses, coaches, taxis, PHVs, HGVs LGVs and cars.

Though Euro VI compliant Buses, coaches, taxis, PHVs, HGVs, Euro VI diesel Cars and Euro IV Petrol cars are exempt from all charges.

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