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Mobile Workers Route Planning Logistics

Route Scheduling Software for mobile workers

Being able to provide your mobile workers with the most efficient daily schedules and routes between appointments in order to meet their targets and to be as efficient with their time as possible is vitally important.

Descartes’ route planning and scheduling solutions eliminate the need for your people to spend time planning schedules and routes individually, leaving managers to only deal with the exceptions or emergency calls. The software considers all the available resources, their skills and how long calls may take along with their starting locations when calculating the most efficient schedules and routes.

All the routes are optimised based on real drive time information, this enables the dispatcher to see exactly the miles and time required to fulfil the job.

At the start of the day it’s possible to visualise all their routes on a map, enabling appointments to be moved between staff if necessary. Once they have started out on their routes it is possible to track progress and exact position through GPS tracking, using either our in-vehicle telematics devices or hand-held devices.

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Ideal for:

Delivery and installation or service of goods such as white goods, tyre fitting, consumer durables.

Emergency calls

Being able to visualise the exact location and the expected routes on a map allows for the easy identification of the nearest available resource to take on an emergency call as it comes in. Identify the nearest available resource with the right skills.

  • Capacity to reroute staff for emergency situations and reschedule appointments
  • Manage your entire mobile workforce as one


  • Automatically ensure timely appointments with efficient and optimised route planning.
  • Reduce the time take to plan the days schedule and routes
  • Improve customer service with more accurate time schedules
  • Maximise the number of appointments within a day
  • Gain a competitive edge without hiring additional staff
  • Improve fuel efficiency and reduce fuel costs by reducing zig zagging across areas and placing appointments in the most efficient order
  • Improve appointment density, create more time for clients or repairs/installations and decrease driving time
  • Easily reschedule engineers as emergency calls are received
  • Available as a SaaS solution, meaning that it is usable wherever an internet connection is available.

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