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Vehicle Telematics Software

The best in class solution for enhancing route performance and giving your clients a better customer experience is Descartes' Vehicle Telematics.

You may track and gather information with our vehicle telematics, from the on-road characteristics of your fleet vehicles to the fault codes as they occur.

Real-time driver behaviour monitoring solutions will also assist you to achieve regulatory compliance standards while enhancing safety and maintenance procedures.

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The best telematics solution

GPS Tracking

  • Turn by turn tracking, second by second if required
  • Rugged device that connects to OBD port
  • Monitor asset usage
  • Integrates with Routing and Scheduling software
  • Cloud based Software as a Service

Vehicle Diagnostics

  • Notification of engine fault codes
  • Description and explanation of fault codes
  • Monitor additional parameters, e.g. trailer temperature
  • Reduce time off road and maintenance costs

Driver Behaviour

  • Reduce aggressive driver behaviour & accidents
  • Acceleration, cornering, braking & seatbelt usage monitored
  • Instant notifications and alerts to driver & base
  • Safety dashboard for management of drivers in the fleet

Collision Data Collection

  • Collision notifications
  • Possible integration with Cameras
  • Immediate notification of collisions
  • Data recorded for later investigation

Vehicle Telematics

A brief overview of the benefits of Vehicle Telematics solutions.

The benefits of vehicle telematics for fleet operators

Reduced Operating Costs

  • Fuel consumption reduced
  • Engine idling reduced
  • Labour and overtime reduced
  • Maintenance time reduced
  • Vehicle engine notifications automatically logged.

Improved Safety Monitoring

  • Better management of Driver Behaviour
  • In vehicle coaching available
  • Collision detection and notifications
  • Monitor seat belt usage

Electric Vehicles

  • All major manufacturers of EVs supported
  • 100 EV makes and models supported
  • Energy usage reports & charging history stored
  • Live current status of all-electric vehicles in the fleet
  • Custom notifications when a battery is low

Vehicle telematics features

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking

    With the vehicle telematics device plugged into a vehicles OBD port the vehicle can be tracked turn by turn against a map.

    Vehicle locations can be used to assign nearest available vehicles to locations and new jobs to improve service and fleet utilisation.

    Vehicle location updates can also be used to help provide information to customers waiting for deliveries. If the location of the vehicle is known, then the time to its next stop can be easily calculated and communicated to the customer.

    Specific locations can also be geofenced either to notify the controller that a vehicle has entered a zone it should not, or to notify when a vehicle returns to a depot. It can even be used to identify a particular road issue that would otherwise raise an alert of poor driving, such as a particular sleeping policeman or pothole.

  • Vehicle Diagnostics

    The vehicle's telematic device can also transmit vehicle diagnostic information relating not only to the engine, but any item on the vehicle that would produce a dashboard warning. This can enable preventive maintenance to be carried out keeping the vehicle in good condition and roadworthy.

    The transmission and interpretation of the Vehicle diagnostic codes can also reduce the time a vehicle is off the road. Knowing a fault prior to the vehicle visiting a garage or workshop enables new parts to be ordered in advance and reduces the time that would be otherwise taken fault finding and waiting for parts to be delivered.

    Additional modules can be connected in order to monitor trailer parameters such as door openings and temperature if required.

  • Driver Behaviour

    Harsh driving can not only be dangerous, but also increase wear and tear on the vehicle. The telematics device within the vehicle contains accelerometers and a gyroscope allowing acceleration, speed, braking, cornering speed and seat belt usage to be monitored and reported upon. The addition of an in-cab speaker allows immediate notification and feedback to the driver at the time of incident, improving driver behaviour.

    Engine idling is also a habit that fleet operators should reduce in order to save fuel and minimise emissions. The system monitors true idling, i.e. engine running, and can sound an audible alert warning the driver of any infringements via an additional in-cab speaker.

    Motivation can be further increased via the system's inbuilt dashboard that show all drivers faults, with reports showing top drivers or worst rivers.  Each report has variable parameters and depots can be compared with other depots.

  • Collision Data collection

    Decreasing the chances of a collision is the priority, but unfortunately collisions do occur, it is then important to notify fleet controllers immediately so actions can be taken. The recording of data is also important so that it may be used in any investigations of the collision at a later date.

    Cameras such as dash and surround cameras can also be integrated with the telematics device and footage recorded just before and during a collision.

  • Features of the Telematics Devices used by Descartes
    • Simple installation utilising the vehicles OBD port.
    • Compact, durable device with very low rate of failures.
    • Compatible with diverse range of vehicle types.
    • State-of-the-art GPS technology for second by second tracking if required
    • G-force monitoring.
    • End-to-end data protection.
    • Ultra accurate engine diagnostics with manufacturers codes translated to understandable messages.
    • Optional in-vehicle driver coaching function.
    • Expansion is possible to include trailers and additional equipment, such as temperature monitoring in chilled trailers.
    • Rugged version available for construction plant.

Descartes’ solutions are designed to meet the needs of organisations, regardless of size or complexity. Our offering is unique in the marketplace in that it can provide fully integrated telematics and compliance functionality with Descartes' SmartAnalysis, for tachograph data analysis.

The telematics systems can be integrated with Descartes' routing and scheduling software to provide the real-time GPS location of vehicles within the routing mapping systems.

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Telematics Integration

Receive live telematics data directly into your routing software. This can include Tachograph data.