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Fuel Savings & Carbon Emissions Calculator

Descartes can help you reduce your fuel consumption and environmental impact

Your company's ability to turn a profit can be greatly enhanced by reducing the amount of money you have to spend on fuel each year. 

In the meanwhile, reducing your unavoidable Scope 1 CO2 emissions is a practical and immediate approach to accepting responsibility for your individual role in climate change.  

Better for the environment is better for your business.

Our software solutions help optimise fleet operations to reduce miles driven, fuel consumption and emissions. Existing customers have saved £2m per annum from optimising operations. 

Use our CO2 and fuel savings calculator below to see how much money and carbon you could save using our solutions

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The Features

  • Dynamic Delivery Scheduling 
  • Advanced Route Optimisation 
  • Digital Proof of Delivery 
  • Vehicle Telematics 

The Benefits

  • Precise delivery slot timings 
  • Improved delivery routes & higher delivery capacity 
  • More successful first-time deliveries 
  • Improved driver behaviour and reduced idling time 

Minimise Your CO2 Emissions

Fuel consumption is the main cause of CO2 emissions in last mile deliveries, so every mile travelled has significance. For the best route planning, our route optimisation software takes into account customer requests, driver expertise, service time expectations, and much more. 

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Enhance Visibility & Fleet Emissions

Making wiser decisions faster is possible when you can quickly observe how your delivery operations are running. Descartes’ software provides real-time visibility from start to finish via innovative technology and scalable SaaS software. This is particularly true when it comes to sustainability activities. 

  • Save time by reducing wasted activities 
  • Assure delivery quality and reduce mistakes 
  • Lessen the CO2 footprint of your inventory 
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