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Last Mile Delivery Software Solutions

Improving Last Mile Delivery Logistics

Customers have high expectations for deliveries, companies need to improve their customer experience and increase productivity while reducing the costs of their last mile delivery operations to remain competitive.  

Last-mile deliveries - also known as final mile deliveries - have a big influence on future sales and customer loyalty. 

For a business to thrive it must maximise efficiency in its final mile deliveries. 

Integrating Last Mile Delivery

Descartes’ routing and delivery scheduling software, provides a host of last mile delivery optimisation solutions that can be integrated with online sales.  

The experience a customer receives around their shipping and delivery will reinforce or damage a brand’s reputation impacting future sales.  In fact, a poor delivery can quickly negate a positive sales process. 

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Last Mile Logistics Management Software Features

Auto route planning

Automated route scheduling

High density delivery routes are created, utilising the drivers and vehicles available to deliver more and reduce costs. Delivery routes can be based on the most efficient routes not just fastest routes. Automatically optimise final mile delivery routes to save fuel and money. 

Timed delivery slots

Dynamic slot scheduling

Enabling self-selection of delivery times at the point of sale increases customer satisfaction and reduces abandoned shopping baskets. Only offer delivery slots that can be fulfilled with the existing delivery capacity available. 

Route optimsiation always on

Continuous optimisation of routes

Subsequent orders with a delivery addresses geographically close to previous orders may be brought forward and combined, improving delivery times and customer satisfaction, and providing the most efficient route for the final mile.

Customer Notifications

Delivery notifications

Automated messages during the last mile of delivery minimise missed deliveries and improve customer communications prior to delivery, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Last mile home delivery

Home Delivery

Improve the customers' buying and last mile of delivery experience, from booking a delivery slot through to receiving and acknowledging their delivery. 

Home Delivery

Improve the customers' buying and delivery experience, from booking a delivery slot through to receiving and acknowledging their delivery.

Last Mile Successes

Optimise the Last Mile of Delivery Planning with Delivery Appointment Windows 

Distributors, retailers, and delivery companies can offer various delivery appointment window times and value-added services at the point of sale thanks to the capability of Descartes' last mile reservations solution. By offering appointment flexibility and the potential for the implementation of additional services such as the installation of white goods, Descartes’ software helps retailers generate valuable additional income.  

When delivery scheduling is integrated with delivery route optimisation, precise delivery costs and capacity can be validated in real time across a number of days, and the information can then be used to improve delivery schedules and enhance service. 


How to Improve Last Mile Delivery 

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Create Competitive Advantages

This has the effect of improving customer service while also increasing fleet delivery capacity and delivery density. Delivery slots can also be incentivised to drive delivery density to reduce delivery costs with “green” slots when other local deliveries are taking place.  

When moving to a more automated dynamic approach with Descartes, logistics operations typically see an 8-12% reduction in miles if customers’ deliveries can't be moved across multiple days and up to 15-20% reduction in miles when there is flexibility to schedule consumers deliveries across several days.  Customers do not always want their delivery the next day, often preferring to select a day and time that is most convenient for them, when they know they will be at home for the delivery. 

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Last Mile Proof of Delivery

The Descartes mobile applications enable customer notifications and real-time electronic collection for proof of delivery. With information on location, time and data about deliveries being uploaded at the time of recording. The routing and scheduling software system is updated with the data, enabling deliveries further along the schedule to be improved and notified of expected delivery times. 

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Notifications and Automated Order Tracking 

Offering real-time order tracking to customers allows them to engage with their delivery seamlessly before, during, and after their delivery appointment.

Descartes delivery notification and order tracking software enables a company to improve their customer’s delivery experience, allowing customers, drivers and staff to share information. Sending the right message at the right time, offering last mile tracking and even customer feedback after the delivery. 

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Solving Last Mile Problems with Descartes Solutions 

Last Mile Challenges and Solutions 

  • Challenge: Traffic Congestion

    Solution: Route Optimisation - Descartes offers advanced route planning and optimisation tools that consider traffic patterns and route you around ad-hoc congestion, reducing delays and fuel consumption. 

  • Challenge: Unpredictable Delivery Windows

    Solution: Dynamic Delivery Scheduling - Descartes' dynamic scheduling caters for changing customer demands, ensuring deliveries arrive within specified and committed delivery windows. 

  • Problem: Lack of Visibility

    Solution: Real-Time Tracking - Descartes provides real-time tracking capabilities for visibility into the movement of goods during the last mile, enabling proactive decision-making and customer communications. 

  • Problem: Communication Gaps

    Solution: Customer Communication Tools - Descartes' solutions enable accurate and timely updates to customers regarding their delivery status, fostering transparency and trust. 

  • Why Choose Descartes?

    With a proven track record of delivering tangible benefits to clients such as John Lewis Partnership, SIG, Halfords and many more you can trust Descartes to apply its expertise and technology to benefit your business.  


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