Customer successes

John Lewis Partnership

“The Descartes Reservations™ and Descartes Route Planner™ solutions were integral to our strategy of offering more extensive, but unified , delivery services. The advanced optimisation capabilities and architecture of the Descartes solutions were critical to bringing new delivery service options to our customers in an economically feasible way. ”

Andrew Gay - Systems Manager

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Tyres on the Drive

“In the past year since having the Descartes' system our jobs per route has improved by just short of 10%.”

Martin Alldritt - Planning & Optimisation Manager

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Thiry Gent - Belgium

“The advantages of automation are mainly the reduction of error rates along with a reduction of delivery miles & transportation costs.”

Tom de Rocker - Dispatcher

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Royal Canin

“We estimate that we've reduced our transport costs by 10% per ton delivered.”

Frédéric Poirier - Logistics & IT Manager

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“Descartes’ integrated routing and mobile solution is helping us meet our customer service commitments while making our fleet, drivers, and dispatchers more productive.”

Henk Tol - Distribution Manager

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“Before using Descartes, managing compliance for our large and widely dispersed fleet in Europe was a time-consuming and labour-intensive operation for Gist.”

Ken Clarke - Head of Transport Operations in Europe

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BC Sands

“By optimising planning, scheduling and routing, we’ve lowered our distribution costs: we’re getting more capacity out of our fleet and have reduced the number of returned loads by ensuring the right product is loaded onto the right truck. ”

Mark Parsons - Managing Director

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Iceland Post

“The Descartes solution provides the advanced capabilities we need to transform our logistics processes and, in doing so, improve the responsiveness of our delivery operations and reach higher standards of customer service. ”

Einar Geir Jónsson, Head of Business Development

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Ontex UK

“Since implementing the Descartes Route Planner™ solution, the time taken to route deliveries has reduced from approximately four hours a day to a matter of minutes, while the number of vehicles sent out each day has reduced by roughly 15 per cent.”

Dave Middleton, Supply Chain Manager, Ontex UK

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“Descartes route optimisation software was designed to be deployed in an operational capacity to manage collection & distribution rounds. We have now adopted it to respond to calls for tenders and support our regional business units by undertaking centralised optimisation studies”

Charles Fouche, Engineering & Optimisation

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Richards Building Supplies

“With the Descartes solution, we now have real-time visibility into deliveries as they are made—and proof of delivery when customers receive their orders,”

Nicholas Chesna - Fleet Assistant Manager

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“We now have a system which we can optimise the automation of the routes thanks to Descartes... We have improved service levels expected by our customer in full compliance with the time-windows.”

Gabriele Golinelli - Operations Director - Fidelitas

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Ferguson Enterprises - plumbing supplies

“Our objective was two fold, to improve our customer service and to continue to drive our operational leverage...both of which we have seen significant improvements in. But one thing we have realised is technology isn't the answer to everything, that people and process play a big part of that.”

Joe Zanette - Solution Manager

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Sears Holdings

“We chose Descartes at Sears because of the need for our customers to have very accurate promises to when they get their deliveries and our need to drive efficiency in our network in how we meet those commitments to our customers.”

Bill Hutchinson - SVP Supply Chain

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