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Routing plan vs actual

Comparing your routing plan versus actual routes taken provides useful statistics for future use but can also be useful in real-time.

Vehicles can be tracked using either the driver’s handheld devices or the use of installed vehicle telematics devices. The ability to visualise where a vehicle is in real-time compared to their planned route and timetable is useful when delays occur. Customers can then be told the exact location of a vehicle, its estimated time to site and proactively informed of any delays or changes to the schedule.

In the long-term, data of actual versus planned routes can be used to analyse where certain drops always take longer, enabling that to be factored into future deliveries so that delivery plans can be fine-tuned for the next time.

Combining the plan versus actual data with information from the proof of delivery solutions and devices adds further detail and accuracy to the analysis.

Possible queries?

  • Was the planned route the one that was driven?
  • Is a driver always stopping in a layby for a snack or drink?
  • Have unforeseen circumstances such as traffic congestion caused delays to the plan?
  • What hours has each driver worked?
  • How long are deliveries taking at each stop?

Accurate data, automatically gathered, enables your transport planner to plan and expedite accurate and robust transport plans with confidence.

Plan v. Actual generates results

  • Deliver excellent customer service
  • Respond efficiently to problems or delays as they arise
  • Review daily performance based on accurate information
  • Improve future operational performance
  • Produce more realistic and accurate route plans
  • Reduce future transport costs

Routing Plan V Actual Screen Shot

Features & Benefits

GPS Tracking

Using either Telematics or our Mobile Applications vehicles can be tracked in real-time providing useful information about ETAs, routes followed and arrival times at stops, enabling customers to be easily updated about their delivery.

Turn by turn tracking

Useful data is gathered that enable changes to be made, enhancing future expected delivery times while making delivery drop and drive times also more accurate.

Cloud based Software

Our Software is available over the internet wherever you have a connection, providing access to our solution when you are working from any location in the world.

Customer Successes

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