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Distribution & 3PL Logistics

Logistics Software for 3PL's and LSP's

Leading distributors and third-party logistics companies around the world rely on Descartes’ market leading supply chain solutions and innovations to enable them to compete at the highest levels to succeed and grow.

Whether you are a distribution or 3PL company operating a network of fixed routes or routes that are optimised daily our routing and scheduling solutions can help you with improved efficiency, reduced costs and enhanced customer experience

We understand that distribution companies and 3PL’s are challenged with increasingly slim margins so it’s important to ensure that getting the right products to the right place is done at the right time. While combining that with balancing the need to maintain high levels of customer service in order to attract and retain customers, against the cost pressures for transportation and labour is no easy task. Our solutions provide the tools you need to overcome otherwise disparate systems and manual processes. Helping to better manage your inventory, assets, personnel, and the related business documents that are required.

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Solutions for Distribution and Third Party Logistics:

  • Fixed routes

    Fixed routes can degrade over time as traffic flows change and minor alterations are made to schedules, using our software to check and improve on static routes will ensure you are keeping the costs down in your fixed route network. The management of routes and deliveries can be completely automated, or planners can manually alter routes for specific deliveries. Either way the systems optimises deliveries based on a combination of time, cost and many other factors.

  • Dynamic Routes

    The manual calculations required to produce dynamic multi drop routes for distribution channels is a lengthy and complex process. Our solution automates this into minutes, freeing planners’ time to deal with any problems or exceptions. Our algorithms and AI systems factor in the latest traffic conditions and restrictions, time of day, type of vehicle, priority deliveries, time of delivery and many other factors to produce the most cost efficient routes based on the available resources available for deliveries. This is a continuous optimisation process, recalculating each time an order is added to the system. This constant recalculation helps prevent you from over committing to deliveries and enables you to see, well in advance, when extra resources or hired in vehicles may be required, not the night before as inferior batch processing systems might otherwise do.

  • System integration

    Our solution will easily integrate with your other existing business solutions with established links to all the major ERP, SOP, WMS and vehicle telematics systems plus a number of the other less well known systems, meaning that our solution can be quickly employed, while any issues will be resolved by our experienced implementation team.

    It can also take advantage of drivers’ hours data from Descartes SmartCompliance.

  • Additional solutions for distribution companies

    The breadth and depth of our cloud based, software as a service (SaaS), solutions that we provide through our Logistics Technology Platform are unparalleled in the market. We can help you run best-in-class distribution operations with solutions that span:

  • Cloud based Software as a Service

    Descartes Automated Route and scheduling optimisation is a SaaS cloud-based solution, enabling the operation of the software from any location with an internet connection. This is useful for route planners who for various reasons might be required to work is different office locations or from home.

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