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Retail Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions

Delivery Software for Retail

Retail logistics have changed. Retailers must develop leading-edge methods of getting goods from manufacturers to consumers in order to compete with Amazon's unparalleled logistics processes.

Innovative technical advancements are available to make supply chains more effective, streamlined, efficient and to deliver an enhanced customer experience

Retailers that haven't yet adopted this technology into their supply chains must change if they want to survive and thrive in the post-Amazon world.

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Here are five challenges connected with logistics management for retailers that you may address with Descartes to succeed within retail distribution and delivery.

Overcome Retail Distribution Challenges

Cost cutting

Cost-cutting in the supply chain

It might be difficult to reduce costs throughout your supply chains. However, when you adopt the correct solutions, cost reduction is feasible at every step of the supply chain, including last-mile delivery, warehouse management, transportation management, and more.

Becoming more sustainable

Becoming more sustainable

Retail distribution is significantly influenced by market trends. For instance, it's crucial to pay attention to developments in sustainability and emissions. It's vital to keep this in mind as you optimise your retail distribution and logistics network and turn it into a strength that consumers value rather than a weakness.

Predictive analysis

Predictive analysis & forecasting

Your supply chains may find it challenging to handle any issues proactively rather than reactively. Analytics powered by data and artificial intelligence hold the key to the problem. With the right software, you can predict results, enabling in-the-moment decision-making and the early detection of potential issues before they cause shipments to be delayed.


Creating end-to-end visibility

Creating visibility within your blockchain is a challenge. Selecting the right end-to-end visibility solutions will give retailers and distributors a thorough understanding of the product delivery process from purchase orders to warehouse receipts.

Cost reduction

Labour & driver shortages

Carriers cannot increase the necessary freight capacity due to a significant driver shortage, yet a staffing issue exists throughout the entire retail industry. You may overcome this challenge by using routing software to optimise your fleet by increasing the delivery capacity. Existing Descartes customers have increased delivery capacity by 35% without adding vehicles or drivers.

Distribution centre to store visibility

Leading retailers both large and small depend on Descartes technology to better manage their end-to-end processes involved in the transportation of goods from distribution centres to their stores.

Delivery Solutions for Retailers

Organisations are beginning to use the next generation of fleet optimisation technology to cut operating costs, boost productivity, and meet increased customer demands while guaranteeing product quality and security in order to succeed in this fiercely competitive retail market.

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  • Omni Channel Retailing

    The combination of managing deliveries with your own fleet, third-party hauliers (3pl’s) and/or a variety of couriers can be both daunting and time consuming.

    Descartes can help you choose the most economical method of delivery for each individual parcel based on a variety of parameters, making it easier for the retailer to organise and schedule deliveries. Delivery schedules can even be offered back to the initial selling systems helping customers choose the delivery process or time frame that is optimal for them, this isn’t always the next day delivery, and at a price they are willing to pay.

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  • Home Delivery Solutions

    Descartes Routing and Scheduling Solutions for home deliveries can optimise and streamline home delivery fleets offering efficient and accurately timed deliveries. Helping to turn what is otherwise seen as a cost in business into a potential customer-focused USP.

    The system can help offer customers timed and scheduled delivery windows that have been optimised within the system to keep the delivery operation as efficient as possible. Steering consumers towards optimal slots for delivery

    Revenue has increased for retailers who are now able to offer additional services to go with purchases at the time of purchases and reflect this in possible delivery schedules, live and at the point of sale.

    Fleet optimisation has also improved for those retailers using the system as resource allocation is utilised in order to offer delivery slots that ensure that the use of additional outside hauliers is kept to a minimum.

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  • Inbound Logistics

    Optimising the delivery of goods into a warehouse is as important as organising the picking and deliveries.

    Descartes Dock Scheduling and Yard Management tools enable resources in the warehouse to be optimised, ensuring that deliveries are scheduled and avoiding multiple deliveries to the warehouse at the same time.

    This reduces waiting time for drivers and any delay charges that might otherwise be incurred, while the Yard Management solutions provide oversight of goods both inbound and in trailers yet to be unloaded. This oversight assists with stock control and cross docking procedures.

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  • Store Distribution Solutions

    Making Certain that the right goods are picked, packed and shipped to the right locations and on time is important for any retail operation, the Descartes solutions look after these aspects while providing the ability for real time collaboration between retailers and logistics transport services. Real time visibility of goods being moved, and their locations, help the supply chain operate more efficiently.

    Learn More About Transportation Management

  • Instore Visibility

    Planning for incoming deliveries can be time-consuming for retail store managers and often requires a lot of guesswork. When will the shipment arrive? Do you have enough staff scheduled for receiving?

    You can reduce uncertainty by using technology, providing visibility and real-time delivery data for optimal planning. With Descartes easy-to-use solution, store employees can see the expected delivery dates and times, quantity, category and package contents down to the SKU level for each shipment.

    Improve Your Visibility

  • System Integration

    Our solution will easily integrate with your other existing business solutions with established links to all the major ERP, SOP, WMS and vehicle telematics systems plus a number of the other less well known systems, meaning that our solution can be quickly employed, while any issues will be resolved by our experienced implementation team.

    It can also take advantage of drivers’ hours data from Descartes SmartCompliance.

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