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Daily Driver Vehicle Safety Check App (DVSC)

The Descartes’ driver app, SmartCheck, will ensure that vital daily walk-around vehicle checks, as required by DVSA, are not missed and that roadside prohibitions due to roadworthiness are avoided.

The data is stored in the cloud for you should evidence be required that your company has conducted these safety checks.

The Driver Vehcile Safety Check app

  • SmartCheck is completely configurable for each company
  • It is cloud-based, and thus accessible anywhere there is mobile data or wifi coverage
  • SmartCheck works on Android or iOS devices and industrial handheld computers
  • It replaces the traditional paper-based walk-around checks
  • Provides a digitised audit trail

The reports are:

  • Captured in real time
  • Coded for GPS location and date/time of check
  • Instantly available to view in the office

Giving Transport Managers and Operators:

  • Confidence that checks have been conducted
  • An Auditable record of any checks, defects and corrective actions
  • The ability to generate compliance reports for the DVSA
  • Internal reports of defects and repairs before a vehicle returns to base

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SmartCheck - Driver Vehicle Safety Check

Use real-time data capture to ensure that daily vehicle safety checks are carried out, cloud-based and easy to use with smartphones or mobile devices, it's an easy way to avoid road side prohibitions, while also communicating defects back to the office easily.

Features & Benefits

Captures and stores data

Time, duration and location of vehicle during checks is captured and stored providing assurance that vehicle checks have been conducted.

Capture Images

Take pictures and submit them to support any vehicle defects and check data submitted, provides advanced information to workshop.

Internet based Software as a Service with role-based password protection

Access to the data, reports and analysis any time and any place you have an internet connection. Data is safe, secure and always available when you need it.

Customer Successes

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