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Customer Engagement Software

Delivery and field service providers benefit from customer engagement technology such as notifications, real-time tracking and satisfaction surveys to improve the customer experience. Give your customers the transparent experience they expect while reducing last-mile delivery costs. 

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Increase fleet productivity

Descartes customers have reduced no-access rates by 20%, increasing the productivity of their fleet. 

Self-service appointment management, real-time tracking and notifications ensure that customers are primed for the arrival of their delivery driver or technician.  

Meanwhile your office-based team benefits from fewer calls relating to ETAs and feedback. 

Enhance customer experience

Customer engagement helps businesses to improve NPS and CSAT scores. 

With real-time status updates and tracking, customers enjoy the mobile-first experience they’ve come to expect.  

Automated feedback surveys help you to put the voice of your customer at the heart of your business.  

Benefits of customer engagement

Order Tracking

  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Increased first-time success
  • Reduced call centre traffic

Appointment Management

  • Reduced call centre traffic
  • Reduced missed deliveries or failed appointments
  • Meeting customer expectations

Click & Collect

  • Reduced handover time
  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduced paper processes

Customer Engagement software features

  • Notifications and Order Tracking Portal

    Give customers visibility throughout the order lifecycle with SMS and email updates. Offer a browser-based portal where clients can view the progress of their order, provide additional details and track their driver’s arrival. Automate feedback surveys to collect representative and actionable feedback. 

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  • Self-Service Appointment Management

    Remind customers about their appointment and allow them to confirm, cancel or re-schedule to a convenient time. 

  • Click and Collect Store app and Customer Portal

    Let customers alert staff when they’re on their way and check in when they arrive. Provide staff with real-time updates, prioritised tasks and checklists to help them stay on track. Allow clients to share their real-time ETA with store reps for a faster pickup.  

  • More fleet solutions

    Customer Engagement solutions are designed to work with your routing, mobile and telematics tools to enhance fleet performance and provide a flawless customer experience.


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