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Route Planning Software

Automated Route Planning Software 

Descartes’ route planning software will assess orders as they are received, then using the known resources and capacity available for deliveries, calculate a selection of optimal delivery slots. 

These delivery slots can then be offered to the consumer at POS for them to select their own preferred delivery date and time or used automatically to plan in the most optimal slot for delivery. 

Improve your productivity with Descartes route planning software

Say goodbye to the daily challenge of planning delivery routes and hello to automated and optimised route planning. 

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Route Planning Software Features and Benefits

optimisation engine

Effortless Optimisation

Descartes route planning software works continuously in the background and takes the guesswork out of route planning and scheduling deliveries. 

Delivery routing

Increased Efficiency

Eliminate manual planning route planning software saves valuable time in planning deliveries. 

It considers factors such as traffic conditions, distance, and vehicle capacity to create the most efficient routes for drivers, every time. 

Customer expectations

Improved Customer Satisfaction

As well as enabling customers to select their preferred delivery slots, Descartes route planning software will help ensure that deliveries arrive at the expected time. 

reduce costs

Reduced Fuel Costs

Optimised delivery routes results in fewer miles per delivery and reduced costs. 

Route planning

Improved Productivity

Providing drivers with clear and efficient delivery schedules reduces stress, improves delivery times and increases efficiency. 

Understand Descartes route planning software

Watch a brief overview of Descartes’ route planning and scheduling software. Discover more about customer self-selection of delivery slots. 

Route Planner Success

Route Planning Software Solutions

TMS Best Courier

Dynamic Route Planning

Dynamic route planning software offers the potential to adapt to changing customer demand, lower operational expenses, and enhance fleet efficiency

optimisation engine

Hybrid Route Planning

Hybrid route planning enables you to reduce costs and improve service to your customers by combining fixed deliveries for your top customers with dynamic deliveries for other customers.

TMS Shipments identification

Strategic Route Planning

Incorporate strategic route planning to maximize efficiency, respond to changing customer demand, meet new business objectives, and identify optimal entry points into new markets.

add to shopping cart

Delivery Reservations

Automated delivery scheduling, the ability to allow customers to choose their own delivery slots, determined by resources available will improve customer satisfaction.

location on map

Route Optimisation

Use clever mathematical algorithms and artificial intelligence to dynamically optimise delivery routes from the latest road network data in real time.

route optimisation time

Delivery Route Scheduling

The concept of delivery route scheduling is to determine which delivery vehicle an order should be transported on and the best order in which a delivery vehicle should make its deliveries.

multiple locations on a route

Multiple Drop Route Planner

Plan and optimises multiple drop delivery routes, including address verification and the ability to track a vehicle's progress in real-time against the planned route.

delivery tot he home

Last Mile Delivery

Improving customer satisfaction with your deliveries, from delivery slot selection to customer tracking apps and digital proof of delivery with our last mile delivery services.

Unlock the full potential of your delivery operations with Descartes' proven route planning software.  

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