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SmartLicence Driver Licence Checks

Implementing Regular Driver Licence Checks

All companies should regularly check the driving licences of any employee who drives for them on company business or drives a company vehicle. This is to ensure that the employee is entitled to drive and holds a valid licence.

Checking a driver’s licence once a year may not be often enough, points for speeding can be accrued very quickly. For companies with a large number of employees/drivers checking each licence manually against the DVLA database can be an onerous task.

Descartes SmartLicence is a simple to use online solution that allows organisations to assess the risk of each licensed driver and automatically conduct regular checks with the DVLA in accordance with that risk.

If a driver collects speeding or driving infringements the associated points on their driving licence will increase the frequency of the automated checks with the DVLA automatically increased

Once set up SmartLicence runs automatically in the background and gives you the tools to focus on any problem drivers and mitigate the risk of increased insurance premiums or losing drivers due to a totting up of points or something more serious.

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SmartLicence – Driving licence checker

While checking one driver's licence is easy with the DVLA, checking many licences on a regular basis can be a time consuming job. Automatically check licences on an increasing frequency depending upon a driver's risk. Avoid fines and breaking the law.

Features & Benefits

management tool for poor drivers

Management tools to deal with infringements and offending drivers

Minimise infringements with problem drivers with a complete audit trail of actions taken.


ISO 27001 Accredited

Data security - Information Security Management for the capture, storage, analysis and reporting of data from analogue and digital tachographs and driver licences.

Any device connected to internet

Internet based Software as a Service with role-based password protection

Access to the data, reports and analysis any time and any place you have an internet connection. Data is safe, secure and always available when you need it.

email alerts

Extensive reports and SmartAlerts™

Management information reports and automated email alerts to draw your attention to areas of non-compliance and issues that need immediate attention.

Customer Successes

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