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SmartAnalysis Tachograph Analysis & Reporting

Tachograph: Monitoring Your Drivers' Hours 

Where the maximum permissible mass of the vehicle, including any trailer or semi-trailer, exceeds 3.5 tonnes, a tachograph must be operated to record a driver’s working time, travelling time, break periods and rest days.

Modern vehicles now use digital tachographs that produce masses of data that requires interpretation. SmartAnalysis software manages this process and does the hard work for you, analysing and reporting the information clearly, leaving you with more time to manage your business.

SmartAnalysis is one of the most widely used tachograph analysis software products in the UK and EU. Used to analyse over 1,300,000 tachograph records every month, it is suitable for fleets of any size and all HGV and PCV vehicles.

Available as either a pay-as-you-Go or a Pre-Pay subscription the cloud-based software is accessed via the internet. Your tachograph data is secure yet accessible any time and any place by authorised members of your staff.

The Descartes SmartAnalysis solution is validated by the DVSA for Earned Recognition KPIs.

For further information or to order the tachograph analysis software visit our SmartCompliance website.

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SmartAnalysis - Tachograph Analysis

Easily monitor drivers' hours, working time regulations and tachograph legislation, to avoid expensive fines if you get it wrong. Understand how it could worth with your business as either pay-as-you-go or subscription.

Features & Benefits

Any device connected to internet

Internet based Software as a Service with role-based password protection

Access to the data, reports and analysis any time and any place you have an internet connection. Data is safe, secure and always available when you need it.

Driver Tacho data

Integrated analysis of digital and analogue tachograph records

Seamless analysis and a complete picture of compliance with drivers’ hours.

Tachograph data download


Automatic remote download of digital tachograph data to a set schedule, safeguarding compliance, cutting costs and minimising time spent managing the whole process.

email alerts

Extensive reports and SmartAlerts™

Management information reports and automated email alerts to draw your attention to areas of non-compliance and issues that need immediate attention.

Right Price

Pay as you Go

You only pay for the driver data you submit, there are no charges for vehicle unit downloads, making it cost effective for fleets, especially for agency or part time drivers.

Customer Successes

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