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Logistics Solutions for Building Supplies & Construction Sites

The construction and house building sector is a challenging market to serve with products and deliveries often needed the next day or at a specific date and time. 

Economic challenges such as driver shortages, high-interest rates and rising costs have had a big impact on the construction sector.  

To move projects along without adding new concerns or delays, building supplies and construction materials companies need to adapt with new solutions to provide cost-effective, on time and in full (OTIF) deliveries. 

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Descartes is proud to be a member of the Builders Merchants Association which plays a crucial role in representing and protecting the interests of its members; builders merchants, plumbing, heating, roofing, decorative and timber merchants along with all of their suppliers. 

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Overcome building supply logistics challenges

BS Reducing damage in transit

Reducing damage in transit

Large building supplies can be prone to damage in transit. All too frequently, improper handling, poor delivery procedures, and improper loading and unloading can cause serious damage leading to long (and expensive) delays. Optimised loading and delivery routing will ensure that your goods are more likely to be delivered on time and in full.

Cash Flow

Cash Flow

Digital Proof of delivery will reduce fraudulent claims of damage and reduce the time to process deliveries to reduce the time to invoice deliveries and time to payment.

Driver shortages

Driver shortages

It is a challenge to meet increased demand and delivery expectations with the well-publicised driver shortage. Overcome this challenge using routing and scheduling software to optimise your fleet deliveries. Existing Descartes customers have increased delivery capacity by 35% without adding vehicles or drivers.



Before the building supplies have even arrived, there may be issues on-site if the construction team is unaware of the forthcoming deliveries. Knowing the delivery window for building supplies is critical. You can give your customers insight into the delivery process for building supplies by choosing the right end-to-end visibility solutions.

Customer experience

Customer Service

Improve customer service with customer-enabled order tracking and automated delivery notifications. Throughout the order lifecycle, customers receive updates via email or SMS. These messages provide a link to a branded, online customer portal where clients may check the status of their orders and follow their driver's location on a map in real-time.



Reducing miles driven and increasing delivery density for building supplies and materials with advanced route optimisation and delivery scheduling software will reduce costs and CO2 emissions. Better for the environment is also better for business.

Delivery Routing & Scheduling Software for Builders Merchants

We understand the complexity of making deliveries to construction sites, why let operational inefficiencies impact your business success?

Lay the perfect foundation for a positive delivery experience with Descartes’ software.

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Logistics solutions for Building Product manufacturers, Merchants and DIY stores

Key Descartes solutions for an optimal logistics operation.

  • Vehicle loading
    • If the Descartes mobile apps are utilised with a handheld mobile device then goods are scanned as they are loaded onto the vehicle, ensuring that the right goods and quantities are loaded and that nothing is left behind. 
    • The use of mobile devices saves the printing of load documents and tickets, not only avoiding mistakes but also the cost and time of printing them. 
  • Construction site deliveries
    • Various site parameters such as access and machinery for offloading can be taken into account by the system ensuring that the correct vehicles and manpower are utilised for deliveries, while also safeguarding that the vehicles are not over-promised, or customers let down. Tight delivery windows can be promised in the safe knowledge that they will be achieved. 


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  • Proof of delivery
    • Goods being delivered are scanned as they are taken off the vehicle ensuring that the right goods are supplied and that nothing is forgotten. 
    • Building sites are often chaotic with many people signing for and accepting deliveries regularly on behalf of other trades. Keeping track of goods delivered, who signed for them and the condition of them when delivered is an important aspect of deliveries for any building products company. Descartes’ Proof of Delivery app allows not only for signatures, but the photographs of recipients and locations plus the recording of any damage or shortage identified by the customer with a smartphone device. 
    • Acceptance of, or issues with, goods delivered and signatures can be instantly sent back to the office for invoices and queries to be dealt with. 


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  • Order Tracking & Notifications
    • Customers receive automated notifications at each stage of the delivery process, linking to a branded portal where they can track their progress of their delivery in real time. 
    • An add on module can also collect customer feedback as soon as the products are delivered. 


    Discover more about order tracking

  • Cloud based Software as a Service
    • Descartes Automated Route and Scheduling Optimisation is a SaaS cloud-based solution, that enables the operation of the software from any location with an internet connection. This is useful for route planners who may have to work in different office locations or from home. 

Building supply and construction case studies

Optimise your construction and building supply logistics


  • Sustainability
  • Reducing damage in transit
  • Driver shortages
  • Visibility
  • Customer service
  • Cash flow


  • Reducing CO2
  • Optimising Your Fleet
  • Increase Delivery Capacity
  • End-to-end Visibility Software
  • Customer service 
  • Improved time to invoice