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Logistics Solutions for Building Suppliers & Merchants

Logistics Software for Building Products Manufacturers & Suppliers, Builders Merchants and DIY Stores

The industry of construction and house building is a fast-paced, dynamic market place with products and deliveries often needed the next day as a contractor or builder requires them on site, or as builder merchants need to replenish their stocks.

Deliveries to construction sites, especially in busy cities, often need to be timed to coincide with access, parking or even tower crane availability, plus the added issue that all builders and contractors simply want their delivery to be the first delivery the next morning, which obviously can’t be the case for everyone.

The one thing that builders’ merchants and building product suppliers get asked the most is by sites is “where’s my delivery?”. Therefore, the ability to provide customers with a timed delivery window and more importantly regular updates as deliveries are progressing is a feature of the Descartes routing and Scheduling systems. So being able to mitigate this and free up a load planner’s time to deal with the exceptions and unpredictable delays such as accidents and road holdups can be a useful asset.

Descartes offers the industry the most comprehensive delivery & fleet management software solutions. We can help you reduce the miles driven, fuel costs and delivery times, with your existing vehicles and drivers, whilst enabling you to offer tighter and more reliable timed delivery windows, plus the ability to track driver and vehicle performance or location.

As orders are received so routes and loads are optimised on a continual basis, this means that deliveries are not promised when schedules can’t be met and vehicles are not over booked.

Descartes customers already include:

  • Builders Merchants
  • Product manufacturers
  • Sand and Gravel distribution
  • Electrical and HVAC supply
  • Timber merchants

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Solutions for Building Product manufcaturers, Merchants and DIY stores:

  • Vehicle loading

    If the Descartes mobile apps are utilised with a handheld mobile device then goods are scanned as they are loaded onto the vehicle, thus ensuring that the right goods and quantities are loaded and that nothing is left behind.

    The use of mobile devices saves the printing of load documents and tickets, not only avoiding mistakes but also the cost and time of printing these.

  • Site deliveries

    Various site parameters such as access and machinery for offloading can be taken into account by the system ensuring that the correct vehicles and manpower is utilised for deliveries, while also safeguarding that the vehicles are not over promised, or customers let down. Tight delivery windows can be promised in the safe knowledge that they will be achievable.

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  • Proof of delivery

    Goods being delivered are scanned as they are taken off the vehicle ensuring that the right goods are supplied and that nothing is forgotten.

    Building sites are often chaotic locations with many people signing for and accepting deliveries regularly on behalf of other trades; keeping track of goods delivered, who signed for them and the condition of them when delivered is an important aspect of deliveries for any building products company. The Descartes Proof of Delivery app can be used on most mobile devices and allows not only for signatures, but the photographs of recipients and locations plus the recording of any damage or shortage identified by the customer.

    Acceptance of, or issues with, goods delivered and signatures can be instantly sent back to the office for invoices and queries to be dealt with.

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  • Cloud based Software as a Service

    Descartes Automated Route and scheduling optimisation is a SaaS cloud-based solution, enabling the operation of the software from any location with an internet connection. This is useful for route planners who for various reasons might be required to work is different office locations or from home.

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