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Industry-Specific Logistics Solutions

Why pick our fleet optimisation software solutions for your industry?

You want a cost-effective and sustainable road transport operation that is recognised for delivering an excellent customer experience.

Many household names from all over the world use Descartes' software to streamline their fleet operations, increasing inbound and outbound flow of goods, and routing deliveries to their own depots, stores, or customers.

We cover a wide range of sectors with fleets of all sizes; click on an industry below for more details on how Descartes' fleet solutions keep it moving.

This is not an exclusive list so if you don't see your industry, please contact us to discuss how Descartes can maximise your fleet efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and deliver a great customer experience.

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Food & beverages

Food & Beverage

The delivery of food can be time critical, find out how to increase the accuracy of your deliveries, reduce costs and deliver more. Improve customer service with accurate delivery slot times and delivery notifications.

Distribution and 3pls

Distribution and 3PL's

Whether you are operating a network of fixed routes or dynamic routes that are calculated daily, obtain greater efficiency and reduce costs. Reduce miles driven, lower costs and CO2 emissions while still increasing capacity.

Retail non food

Retail - Non Food

Solutions for deliveries to distribution centres, high street stores or the home that improve customer satisfaction. Increase the visibility of deliveries both internally and for the customer.

Delivery reservations


The management of deliveries is important for customer satisfaction whether you use couriers or your own fleet. Discover more about the kinds of deliveries consumers want and how you can improve customer satisfaction.

Last mile delivery

Home Delivery

Also known as last or final mile delivery it is often the most difficult mile of the delivery chain, but can provide the largest opportunity for improvement. Discover how to reduce costs and increase delivery capacity while also improving customer satisfaction.

Pharmaceutical healthcare

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Security, traceability and delivery tracking are important features for the health sector. Discover how to achieve accurate delivery times with a high-level degree of proof of delivery.

Building supplies merchants diy

Building supplies, Merchants and DIY

Delivering building materials has its own unique challenges. Discover solutions that will increase the daily delivery capacity and provide proof of delivery.

Mobile workers

Mobile Workers

Providing your mobile workers with a sensible and efficient route improves their job satisfaction and reduces their time spent planning. Optimising each day’s route and order of visits can reduce miles driven and increase the number of visits that are possible in a day.

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