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Order tracking software for deliveries

Last Mile Order Tracking and Customer Notifications for Deliveries

Today, customers expect real-time updates to track deliveries right to their door.

Businesses can also enhance the last-mile experience for their customers and improve fleet efficiency with real-time customer notifications and order tracking.

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delivery tracking notification to customer

Customer Notifications

Help customers with automated order delivery notifications that link to a branded web-based tracking portal. 

customer engagement - delivery feedback

Customer Feedback 

Increase feedback response rates and enable rapid service recovery with timely surveys and negative feedback alerts. 

Benefits of Order Tracking Software

Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Meet customer expectations for transparency 
  • Provide a frictionless customer experience 
  • Continually improve with timely feedback 

Reduce Operational Costs

  • Minimise inbound and outbound calls regarding ETAs 
  • Avoid failed deliveries  
  • Increase fleet efficiency 

Collect Actionable Feedback

  • Increase satisfaction survey response rate 
  • Gather timely, accurate feedback 
  • Reduce costs with automated feedback requests  


How Does Order Tracking Software Work? 

Order tracking software uses order status and driver location data to provide a better customer experience. 

Customers receive either SMS or email notifications throughout the order lifecycle. These messages link to a branded, web-based customer portal where customers can view their order progress and track their driver’s arrival in real-time on a map.  


Customer receives a delivery notification

Notifications can include details such as order information, the scheduled delivery time, an estimated arrival window, or a precise ETA.  

Notify customers when: 

  • The order is created 
  • The route is scheduled 
  • The driver starts the route 
  • The driver is on their way to the customer’s stop 
  • The ETA significantly changes 
  • The driver is arriving 
  • The stop is complete 

As soon as the delivery is complete, the customer receives a link to give feedback on their experience.  



Order Tracking Software Features

order notifications automated

Order Notifications

Automate customer notifications and include a link to a web-based tracking portal.

configurable triggers

Configurable Triggers

Build the ideal customer journey with communications based on a range of triggers. 

communication channels - email or SMS

Communication Channels

Send order notifications at the right time via SMS, email, or the most convenient channel.

two way communication 153 white lines

Two-way Communication

Direct messaging between the customer and the driver.

Group communication and chats 294 white lines

Group Communication

Dashboard users can view, join in, and initiate chats with the driver and customer.

transcripts of chats - 192 icon white lines

Chat Transcripts

View current and historical chats. 

Customer feedback prompt 195 white lines

Timely Customer Feedback

Prompt customers immediately on their personal device following a delivery for feedback about their experience.

configure your forms - emojis, star, number ratings - 412 white lines

Configurable Forms

Choose from emojis, star and number ratings, and ask customers relevant questions for your business.

alerts for negative feedback - 146 white lines

Negative Feedback Alerts

Notify customer support teams of negative feedback to be actioned.

Customer Success Stories

Understanding Order Tracking Software

Order tracking software is essential to modern business operations since it offers a streamlined method of tracking orders from dispatch to delivery.

In essence, it provides companies with a complete system for managing, tracking, and streamlining their order fulfilment processes. With order tracking software, businesses can utilise a centralised platform that allows for real-time order tracking, giving them more visibility and control over the end-to-end delivery supply chain.

The importance of order tracking software

With the continued growth in home delivery, the value of order tracking software cannot be overstated.

Businesses must have strong operations in place to fulfil the expectations of consumers, who want efficient and transparent purchasing experiences. Order tracking software gives organisations useful insights into their logistics operations and improves customer happiness by giving precise real-time delivery updates. Businesses may increase order accuracy, expedite inventory management, and eventually boost overall operational efficiency by utilising this technology.


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