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e-Commerce Delivery Solution

Logistics Software for eCommerce

eCommerce companies and online sales continue to grow at a fast pace with more companies turning to eRetailing or starting up an online business all the time.

Consumers are also more confident to purchase online and to receive deliveries without having to visit a physical shop.

Consumers expectations have risen, to the extent that next day delivery, timed slot deliveries at a date a place convenient for the consumer and notifications of deliveries are all common place and to be expected. The whole delivery experience influences online buyer behaviour, repeat purchase and loyalty. Read our ebook: Delivery: The new moment of truth.

The fastest or lowest cost delivery option is not always the one that customers prefer. Some consumers are prepared to pay for a delivery slot that is most convenient for them to fit in with their busy lives. Using our delivery slot reservations package delivery times and dates can be offered at the time of purchase with available slots being dependent upon the resources available and previous orders. Differential pricing can be applied to the slots offered to ensure costs are covered and to influence date and slot selection.

For customers that need the fastest delivery option, then our Transportation Management solution or Route Optimisations solution will assist with this.

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Solutions for eCommerce companies;

  • eCommerce companies with their own delivery vehicles

    For eRetailers with their own fleet of delivery vehicles Descartes’ Routing and Scheduling solution utilises continuous route optimisation to enable delivery slots to be offered to customers based on existing orders and available resources for deliveries at the point of sale. This takes into account any special skills or services required for a delivery, e.g. the installation of the goods, the removal of packaging and waste or the return of an item being replaced.

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  • eCommerce companies who use Couriers or 3rd Party carriers

    For the eRetailers who rely on couriers and third-party carriers Descartes’ Transportation Management software will assist you by automatically identifying the smartest way to deliver your products to the customer. Storing the latest carrier rates or any special deals you have negotiated within the Transport Management software helps you consolidate consignments and select the best carrier for each of your deliveries. Not only saving time, but money in the process too.

    If an operator deviates from the recommend carrier a record is maintained, enabling you to see which deliveries are costing more than they should.

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  • eCommerce Warehouse Management Systems

    The relationship between the delivery process software and the warehouse management system (WMS) for the picking, packing and shipping of orders and your online ERP system is also very important. Every week we help thousands of eCommerce companies with their warehouse management systems.

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  • Proof of Delivery

    Proof of delivery isn’t just about collecting a signature, if the customer isn’t available and the parcel needs to be left in an elected “safe place” then a picture can also be taken of the location proving that the parcel was delivered. This is one of the many options on the Descartes Proof of Delivery system that includes allowing for contactless, no-touch proof of delivery, along with the ability to scan parcels ensuring that the correct item(s) are delivered and the recording of any losses or damage.

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  • Collections and returns

    Our delivery optimisation software for your own vehicles or 3rd party carriers also provides the opportunity to factor in collections from consumers, as we know some areas of eCommerce such as clothing have a high percentage of returns.

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  • Customer delivery tracking

    Descartes Mobile Applications include a solution for the consumer, enabling them to track their deliveries from the moment they leave your warehouse, with notifications as they approach their delivery slot.

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  • Cloud based Software as a Service

    Descartes Automated Route and scheduling optimisation is a SaaS cloud-based solution, enabling the operation of the software from any location with an internet connection. This is useful for route planners who for various reasons might be required to work is different office locations or from home.

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