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eCommerce Logistics Solutions

The COVID-19 epidemic solidified eCommerce's position as many consumers preferred means of purchasing. It is a significant segment of retail that has been rapidly expanding in recent years.

Although online order numbers are increasing, purchasing options are increasing for consumers.. Because of this, maintaining a competitive advantage is crucial, and customer experience is a big influence on buyer behaviour and eCommerce logistics have an important part to play in overall satisfaction.

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Here are some key challenges that can be overcome with the right eCommerce solutions.

Overcome eCommerce Logistics Challenges

Predictive analysis

Increasing need for delivery efficiency

Today the consumers are in charge. As internet rivalry rises, many firms provide similar items. Retailers must offer competitive prices and cost-effective delivery options at the moment of sale. Using the correct logistics software, merchants can provide costed delivery options based on existing commitments, delivery capacity, and new orders.

eCom Proof of delivery

Proof of delivery

Predictability becomes increasingly important as the quality of the customer experience during delivery improves. Among other benefits, cutting-edge proof of delivery software guarantees that your drivers will keep to a set of procedures consistently, providing a dependable customer experience every time.

eCom Warehouse & yard management

Warehouse & yard management

The requirements for speedy fulfilment will be met in large part by a robust yard and warehouse management system. A well-organised warehouse facilitates swift inventory management and product retrieval and will enable you to pick, pack, and dispatch your products to customers as soon as feasible.

eCom Last Mile Delivery

Last mile delivery

eCommerce merchants must boost productivity and save money to meet delivery costs in order to stay competitive. By offering costed delivery options, customers can chose what's convenient for them and retailers can charge accordingly for deliveries. Some individuals will pay for the convenience of having something delivered where and when they want. Reducing costs while improving service will depend upon a company's approach to last-mile deliveries.

real time tracking

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking is now a must have requirement. Failing to provide it will place you at a competitive disadvantage. Customers want to know when their deliveries will arrive, the more precise the information - the happier the customer. The delivery will be achieved successfully the first time, without the expense of redelivery, and the customer is more likely to purchase again.

Route Planning and Optimisation

An introduction to the Descartes Scheduling and Routing optimisation tools that can create and execute plans, increasing efficiency, providing greater visibility and streamlining communications.

Descartes' eCommerce Solutions

The best eCommerce software depends on your individual business goals and needs. Let’s look at some of the best eCommerce solutions.

  • eCommerce companies with their own delivery vehicles

    For eRetailers with their own fleet of delivery vehicles Descartes’ Routing and Scheduling solution utilises continuous route optimisation to enable delivery slots to be offered to customers based on existing orders and available resources for deliveries at the point of sale. This takes into account any special skills or services required for a delivery, e.g. the installation of the goods, the removal of packaging and waste or the return of an item being replaced.

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  • eCommerce companies who use Couriers or 3rd Party carriers

    For the eRetailers who rely on couriers and third-party carriers Descartes’ Transportation Management software will assist you by automatically identifying the smartest way to deliver your products to the customer. Storing the latest carrier rates or any special deals you have negotiated within the Transport Management software helps you consolidate consignments and select the best carrier for each of your deliveries. Not only saving time, but money in the process too.

    If an operator deviates from the recommend carrier a record is maintained, enabling you to see which deliveries are costing more than they should.

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  • eCommerce Warehouse Management Systems

    The relationship between the delivery process software and the warehouse management system (WMS) for the picking, packing and shipping of orders and your online ERP system is also very important. Every week we help thousands of eCommerce companies with their warehouse management systems.

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  • Proof of Delivery

    Proof of delivery isn’t just about collecting a signature, if the customer isn’t available and the parcel needs to be left in an elected “safe place” then a picture can also be taken of the location proving that the parcel was delivered. This is one of the many options on the Descartes Proof of Delivery system that includes allowing for contactless, no-touch proof of delivery, along with the ability to scan parcels ensuring that the correct item(s) are delivered and the recording of any losses or damage.

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  • Collections and returns

    Our delivery optimisation software for your own vehicles or 3rd party carriers also provides the opportunity to factor in collections from consumers, as we know some areas of eCommerce such as clothing have a high percentage of returns.

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  • Customer delivery tracking

    Descartes Mobile Applications include a solution for the consumer, enabling them to track their deliveries from the moment they leave your warehouse, with notifications as they approach their delivery slot.

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  • Cloud based Software as a Service

    Descartes Automated Route and scheduling optimisation is a SaaS cloud-based solution, enabling the operation of the software from any location with an internet connection. This is useful for route planners who for various reasons might be required to work is different office locations or from home.

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