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Transportation Management Software

Descartes Transportation Management Software suite of solutions can help, whether you outsource all your road delivery transportation operations or use a mix of an in-house fleet and outsourced carriers for your deliveries.

Our modular solutions within our Transportation Management software provide the capabilities that power some of the largest logistics operations in the world.

Whether you need help with optimising your loads or consolidating them, visibility and tracking of your deliveries, labels specific to the courier you are using or to better control the inbound deliveries to your warehouse and better control of your stock, the Descartes Transportation Management solution has a module to help you.

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Why use our TMS software?

Load planning / Consolidation

  • Save time & reduce costs
  • Automatically optimise loads
  • Combine small loads

Carrier Selection & Connectivity

  • Control carrier contracts
  • Select the best carrier
  • Monitor deliveries
  • Create carrier labels

Dock Scheduling / Yard Management

  • Control inbound deliveries
  • Smoothed daily workload
  • Increased control of stock
  • History of trailer movements

Visibility, Tracking & Performance

  • Follow critical orders
  • Visibility of shipment status
  • Monitor carrier performance
  • Track your KPIs

Transportation Management

Improve the efficiency, coordination and visibility of all your deliveries, whether by your own fleet or third party carriers. Easily selecting the best delivery rates with the added benefits of dock and yard management tools.

Descartes transportation management solutions

TMS Load planning

Load Planning & Consolidation

Automatically reoptimise loads as new orders are placed.

TMS Mode of transport

Carrier Selection

Identify the best carrier to use for a delivery, then relay that information.


Warehouse Dock Appointments

Schedule the arrival times of deliveries to improve efficiency.

TMS Yard visibility

Yard Management

Plan and record trailer movements and inspections for greater stock control.

Performance cloud

Visibility, Tracking & Performance

Monitor individual shipments across all modes of transportation.

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