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Load planning & consolidation

Partial loads or shipments that don’t fill a vehicle’s full capacity are commonplace in supply chains and distribution.

The Descartes Transportation Management solution can automatically perform Load Planning and Load Consolidations, using the systems aggregation and routing algorithms, smaller loads are combined into larger loads. Combining shipments leads to cost savings and efficiencies.

For special cases there is still the ability for planners to manually adjust and create combined loads.

Combining loads within the system electronically saves time and improves a company’s ability to create optimised shipments.

As new orders are placed, so the system automatically re-optimises the loads in real-time in order to maximise shipping, operations and efficiencies.

Combining Load Planning and Consolidation with carrier selection makes for a powerful solution in transportation planning.

Transportation Management

An overview of the Transportation Management Solution

Features & Benefits

TMS Shipments identification

Identify similar shipments

Reduce costs by automatically identifying and then consolidating similar shipments.

SAAS in the cloud

Cloud based Software

Our Software is available over the internet wherever you have a connection, providing access to our solution when you are working from any location in the world.

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