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Mobile Applications for Delivery Routing

Optimising deliveries with state-of-the-art mobile apps

Professionals in warehouses and logistics who use using mobile applications on smartphones or tablets to carry out their duties can benefit greatly from speed, accuracy and timely data.

Descartes' mobile applications assist you getting through even the most difficult daily duties, whether it be the GPS location data that safely directs drivers to a new location or executing paperless proof of delivery, conducting essential vehicle safety checks, sending messages and more.

Here's how Descartes Mobile™ will reduce fleet costs, improve efficiency, maintain compliant and safe vehicles and enhance the customer experience.

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Mobile Applications

Understand how Descartes Mobile Applications can help with proof of delivery, navigation and paperless communications.

Why use our mobile applications?


  • Driver satellite navigation
  • Real time updates to driver
  • Capture arrivals and departures
  • Plan v Actual with alerts

Proof of Delivery

  • Shipment barcode scanning
  • Digitally record POD
  • Capture photographs in-system
  • Eliminates paper & printing

Vehicle Safety Checks

  • Configurable for your company
  • Reports captured in real-time with photos
  • Auditable record of checks
  • Generate reports for DVSA

What devices are compatible with the delivery apps?

Descartes' mobile apps run on a wide range of mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS, and a wide range of devices, including ruggedized and consumer-grade models, to match your specific requirements, technological strategy, and budget.

Our mobile solutions

Digital Proof of Delivery

Eliminate paper, streamline operations and reduce confirmation of delivery notifications with POD capture and parcel scanning for accuracy on deliveries.

SmartCheck: Vehicle Safety Checks

Digitise your daily walk-around vehicle safety check to ensure compliance with DVSA regulations and store for future reference.


Sat-Nav mobile application with turn by turn routes and real-time updates and connectivity to route planning software.

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