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Fleet Logistics Software

Fleet Logistics Software Solutions

If you operate a commercial fleet or manage mobile workers in the field, you're more than likely tasked with improving your operations' productivity, performance and safety.

Fleet logistics software solutions can help you automate these processes, and optimise your fleets’ routes and deliveries.

Descartes route planning, scheduling and optimisation software solutions enable fleet operators to manage routes, deliveries or service engineer calls efficiently while providing visibility, tracking and performance management. Using Descartes’ fleet  software will help you:

  • Deliver more in fewer miles
  • Save fuel and carbon emissions
  • Improve customer experience
  • Provide costed delivery and service options in seconds

Whilst Descartes' mobile applications and SmartCompliance systems keep drivers and fleets moving, safe and legal.

Existing clients of Descartes’ route optimisation software have increased their delivery capacity by 35% without increasing fleet resources and achieved over £1m in savings from fuel costs, vehicle servicing and consumables, lowering their CO2 emissions simultaneously.

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Descartes Routing and Fleet Logistics Software

Delivery planning software

Route Planning & Scheduling Software

Plan, dispatch, and control fleet resources. Build optimised routes and schedules with costed delivery options in seconds. Achieve more deliveries in fewer miles to reduce fuel, servicing, and maintenance costs using our route optimisation software.

Logistics Mobile Solutions

Fleet Mobile Applications

Use our mobile applications to improve delivery routes, provide ETAs to customers, take new orders or payments and proof of delivery, plus enabling and ensuring the recording of daily driver vehicle safety checks.

GPS Tracking

Telematics Software

GPS Tracking, vehicle diagnostics and driver behaviour monitoring - discover how to start reducing your costs and improving driver safety with Descartes’ telematics fleet logistics software.

TMS Load planning

Transportation Management

Manage your own fleet and external third parties from one easy to use interface. Maximise your vehicle utilisation, reduce the cost of using outsourced delivery agents and improve customer service.

Suite of software for drivers

SmartCompliance™ Road Transport Compliance

Save yourself time, money and headaches in managing compliance with drivers’ hours and tachograph regulations. Ensure staff hold a valid driving licence and driver CPC. Minimise roadside prohibitions due to roadworthiness with mobile vehicle safety checks.

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What is Logistics and Fleet Software?

Logistics software works right across the supply chain from automated picking, packing and shipping processes in warehouses, third-party transportation management, and vehicle route optimisation and delivery scheduling to keep track of the flow of goods from the source to the final consumer. 

These applications offer a wide range of functionality to maximise operational efficiency, enhance the customer experience and ensure regulatory compliance. This includes label printing, barcode and RFID scanning, purchasing and receiving, sales, and inventory control.

Descartes’ supply chain and logistics software solutions also include integration for accounting, business reporting, and vendor and customer management capabilities.


How Does Route Planning Software Work?

Route planning software creates efficient routes for vehicle fleets, removing the need to manually plot and update delivery routes. Using AI and mathematical algorithms, route optimisation software will optimise delivery routes, dynamically reacting to new orders as they are placed so that planned routes are always as efficient as possible. Descartes’ route optimisation software determines the best vehicle and route for each delivery taking into account multi-drop deliveries and customer delivery slot schedules.