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Customer Engagement for Property Maintenance

Housing providers and repair contractors are challenged with meeting rising customer expectations and increasing tenant engagement while reducing costs.  

Streamlined routing and real-time tracking solutions improve customer satisfaction, increase first-time fix and reduce call centre traffic. 


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Overcoming property repair and maintenance challenges

implementing sustainability


Route planning and optimisation allows you to create and execute plans that increase efficiency and lower operating expenses.

Delivery routing

First-time access

Residents have the ability to choose a time that works for them with appointment management options. Customer notifications and real-time operative tracking ensure that tenants are ready and waiting for their appointment.

Investor relations

Customer satisfaction

Increase transparency and provide a digital-first experience to meet customer expectations shaped by ecommerce.

Customer support

Call centre traffic

Description: Provide a self-service tracking portal to pre-empt customer questions and reduce “Where’s my engineer?” calls. Collect feedback via an intuitive form to minimise the need for outbound calls.

Customer expectations

Unactionable feedback

Request feedback immediately after every job to get a reliable and granular picture of customer sentiment. Use negative feedback alerts to speed up service recovery before problems escalate.

Route Planning and Optimisation

An introduction to the Descartes Scheduling and Routing optimisation tools that can create and execute plans, increasing efficiency, providing greater visibility and streamlining communications.

Delivery tracking notification to customer

Customer engagement

Customer notifications, real-time appointment tracking and feedback collection improve tenant experience and reduce operational costs. 

Descartes Housing Solutions

With your current vehicles and drivers, Descartes can help you cut down on mileage, fuel costs, and gain first-time access while enhancing the customer experience. 

Descartes field service customers already include: 

  • Social housing providers 
  • Repair and maintenance contractors 
  • Builders' merchants 
  • Utility providers 


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Logistics solutions for social housing, property maintenance and contractors 

  • Route planning, scheduling and optimisation

    Route planning enables fleet and service managers to optimise the routes taken by their mobile operatives, whilst route scheduling creates an efficient schedule for drivers and service staff to follow. 

    Route optimisation and dynamic scheduling software responds to changes in real time to maximise efficiency and customer experience. 

    Learn more about route planning and scheduling 

  • Appointment tracking

    Enhance the final mile experience for customers and improve fleet efficiency with customer notifications and order tracking.   

    Appointment tracking software uses order status and driver location data to provide a better customer experience.  

    Customers receive either SMS or email notifications throughout the order lifecycle. These messages link to a branded, web-based portal where customers can view their order progress and track their driver’s arrival in real-time on a map.  

    Learn more about notifications and tracking 

  • Feedback

    Increase feedback response rates and enable rapid service recovery with timely surveys and negative feedback alerts.  

    As soon as the job is complete, the customer receives a link to an intuitive form where they give feedback on their experience. 

    Learn more about feedback

  • Appointment management

    Tenants want service appointments that work around their schedule. Confirming, cancelling, and rescheduling appointments by telephone uses valuable support resources while wasting customers’ time.

    Streamline the process by offering appointment management through a web-based customer portal.


Property Maintenance Case Studies