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Clean Air Zones

A number of cities are thinking of introducing a Clean Air Zone (also known as a CAZ) to reduce traffic CO2 emissions in their city.

Bath will be the first to introduce restrictions from 15th March for higher emission buses, coaches, HGV’s and Motorhomes that will be required to pay a daily charge of £100/day. Whilst minibuses, taxis, private hire vehicles, LGV’s and vans including private pick-ups and campers will also be required to pay a fee of £9/day.

The Bath Clean Air Zone will operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
There is a useful page on the UK Government’s website to check whether your vehicle will be charged to drive in a Clean Air Zone

The next Clean Air Zone to be introduced is Birmingham’s on 1st June and a consultation is currently taking place in Greater Manchester that might see some lorries, buses and coaches pay £60/day. Meanwhile Bristol’s Clean Air Zone that was due to be implemented in January 2021 has been put on hold pending further consultations and reviews because of the Corona virus pandemic.

If you deliver into Clean Air Zones then it will be preferable to choose vehicles from your fleet that are suitable and won’t be charged. Once the parameters are entered into Descartes routing software solution it will automatically select the best vehicle from your fleet when allocating deliveries within clean air zones.

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Bath Clean Air Zone CAZ Map