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12 Reasons Why Any Delivery Fleet Operation Should Use Delivery Planning Software

Delivery Planning


Delivery planning software is crucial when managing a successful fleet logistics operation.

As companies expand and the number of deliveries increases, managing and planning delivery routes manually or even on a spreadsheet becomes increasingly complicated. This is where delivery planning software comes in to calculate the optimal sequence for deliveries and ensure that the delivery routes are optimised and as efficient as possible.

Delivery Planning Software combined with a route optimisation engine will provide not only efficient routes based on the capacity of the fleet, but will also enable real-time tracking and monitoring, assist with capacity planning, and offer performance metrics that will allow companies to identify areas for future improvement.

In this article, we’ll look at how delivery planning and route optimisation software can help companies to scale their delivery operations while preserving high levels of efficiency and delivering a great customer experience. 



Increased Fleet Efficiency


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Delivery planning software will improve delivery routes and schedules, reducing travel time and increasing the number of deliveries that can be made per day. 

To create the most efficient delivery routes and schedules delivery planning software analyses various factors such as delivery addresses, traffic flows, speed limits, and vehicle capacity. Delivery planning software enables businesses to make more deliveries in less time, increasing production and efficiency overall. This is done by reducing drive time and miles driven. Minimising fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear, leads to cost savings. 


Improved Customer Satisfaction

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Using delivery planning software businesses will provide customers with more accurate delivery times, whilst also ensuring that deliveries are made on time, and sending proactive notifications to customers, all of which improve the customer experience. 

Delivery planning software provides real-time tracking information to customers, allowing them to track the status of their delivery and expected delivery time. This helps customers plan their day around a delivery and avoid needless waiting. Making sure that purchases are delivered on time and when the customer expects them maintains satisfaction and loyalty.  


Real-Time Tracking

Real Time Tracking Icon

Delivery planning software can incorporate GPS tracking and allow companies to track deliveries in real-time on a map within the software, providing them with greater visibility and control over the whole delivery process. 

Delivery planning software can provide real-time updates on the location, status, and estimated time of arrival for each delivery. This can make it easier for businesses to follow their deliveries and help them make more informed choices, like reallocating personnel or modifying schedules to account for delays or unforeseen changes. A faster resolution of problems through the use of the software and the ability to view the effects of changes on the screen improves both customer satisfaction and overall delivery performance. 


Reducing Fleet Costs

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By improving delivery routes, businesses can make significant savings on fuel and driver costs. 

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Delivery route optimisation software can take into account issues such as traffic, distance, and vehicle capacity. Companies can reduce fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear by creating the most effective routes to deliver more in fewer miles, leading to significant cost savings over time.

Furthermore, delivery planning software can assist businesses in more effectively allocating their resources, minimising the need for overtime, additional workers, or hired vehicles. This contributes to lower labour expenses while maintaining a high degree of delivery performance. 


Delivery Error Reduction

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Delivery planning software will assist in the prevention of errors such as missed deliveries or incorrect orders, enhancing accuracy, and decreasing the need for expensive returns or re-delivery. 

  • Firstly, it can ensure that all deliveries are assigned to the correct driver and vehicle, minimising the risk of missed deliveries.  
  • Secondly, it can optimise delivery routes and schedules, reducing the possibility of drivers making mistakes due to fatigue or time pressure.  
  • Delivery planning software can also provide drivers with detailed delivery instructions and customer information, lowering the chance of incorrect orders. 

By improving overall accuracy and helping to ensure a delivery on the first attempt thanks to customer notifications and an accurate delivery time, delivery planning software can reduce the need for returns or re-deliveries, which can be costly and time-consuming for both the company and the customer. 


Improved Resource Allocation

Improved Resource Allocation Icon

Delivery planning software will assist businesses in more effectively allocating vehicles, drivers, and delivery routes:

Optimised vehicle usage

Delivery planning software will efficiently assign deliveries to the most appropriate vehicle and driver by considering various factors, including but not limited to delivery location, capacity, and driver availability, thereby optimising the utilisation of both the vehicle and driver and respecting drivers’ hours. This approach has the potential to optimise resource utilisation and minimise the requirement for supplementary vehicles or personnel within organisations. 

Reduced idle time

The implementation of delivery planning software will optimise delivery routes and schedules, resulting in the timely arrival of vehicles and reduced idle time to increase the utilisation of both vehicles and drivers. 

Improved route planning 

Delivery planning software will optimise delivery routes by analysing delivery addresses and traffic patterns, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced travel time and fuel consumption, while also reducing vehicle wear and tear. 


Improved Data Analysis

Improved Data Analysis Icon

Delivery planning software has the potential to provide companies with significant data and insights related to their delivery operations. This, in turn, enables them to identify areas that require improvement and make informed decisions based on data analysis. 

For example: 

  • Delivery performance metrics can be effectively monitored through the use of delivery planning software. This software enables the tracking of crucial metrics such as delivery times, order accuracy, and driver productivity. Companies can easily identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions based on data analysis. This will lead to operational optimisation and improved overall performance. 
  • The implementation of delivery planning software enables companies to monitor and evaluate delivery-associated expenses, including fuel consumption and labour costs. This facilitates the identification of potential cost-saving opportunities and the optimisation of resource allocation. 


Increased Fleet Productivity

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The implementation of delivery planning software will enhance productivity by automating tasks such as route planning and scheduling, thereby enabling staff to allocate their time for other responsibilities. 

Delivery planning software has the capability to automate various manual tasks that are typically involved in the delivery planning process, such as route planning and scheduling. This will free up time for staff to focus on other tasks, such as customer service or order processing, increasing overall productivity. 


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Companies can expand their delivery operations as their business develops with the aid of delivery planning software, enabling them to meet rising demand without compromising effectiveness or quality. 

Optimised delivery routes

Managing and planning delivery routes manually will become increasingly complicated as a company's delivery volume rises. With the same planning resources and without compromising effectiveness or quality, delivery route planning software can swiftly optimise delivery routes depending on variables like distance, traffic, and delivery windows. 

Real-time tracking and monitoring

Keeping track of every delivery in real-time can become difficult as the number of deliveries increases. Software for delivery planning can help with real-time tracking and monitoring, making it easier for businesses to keep track of all deliveries and make sure they arrive on time. 

Capacity planning

As demand grows, companies need to ensure they have the vehicle capacity to handle the increased volume. Software for delivery planning can assist businesses in forecasting their capacity requirements while taking into account elements like delivery volume, vehicle capacity, and driver availability. 

Performance metrics

As a company's delivery operations scale, it becomes increasingly important to track and analyse delivery performance metrics, such as delivery times and order accuracy. The utilisation of delivery planning software can provide comprehensive performance metrics, enabling enterprises to recognise opportunities for enhancement and streamline their activities to improve efficiency and quality. 


Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage Icon

By utilising delivery planning software, businesses can differentiate themselves from their competition by offering a faster, more accurate, and more reliable delivery service. 

Delivery planning software can help businesses gain a competitive advantage in a variety of ways:  

  1. Firstly, by optimising delivery routes and schedules, companies can offer faster more accurate delivery times, giving them an edge over competitors who may have longer delivery windows.  
  2. Secondly, by reducing errors and delays, companies can provide more accurate and reliable delivery services, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.  
  3. Additionally, delivery planning software can help companies reduce costs, enabling them to either provide more competitive pricing to their customers or helping them to increase profit. Overall, the utilisation of delivery planning software has the potential to enable firms to distinguish themselves from their rivals and enhance their overall market competitiveness. 



Flexibility Icon

Delivery planning software enables companies to swiftly adjust to fluctuations in delivery demand, such as unforeseen spikes or changes in delivery locations, by reconfiguring delivery routes and schedules in real-time.

The implementation of delivery route planning software can enhance the agility of delivery companies and enable them to respond to fluctuations in demand by offering insight into their delivery operations. Routes, plans, and resources can all be changed quickly by businesses to accommodate shifts in demand or unforeseen circumstances like bad weather or traffic. This enables companies to quickly adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining high levels of customer service and satisfaction. Additionally, delivery planning software can assist businesses in anticipating demand trends and preparing appropriately, enabling them to proactively modify their operations to meet future demand. 


Environmental Sustainability

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By optimising delivery routes to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and incorporating more environmentally friendly transportation options such as electric vehicles or bicycles as options within the software for deliveries, delivery planning software can help businesses reduce their environmental impact. 

Because delivery vehicles are a substantial source of greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the distance travelled for deliveries will cut CO2 emissions. Delivery planning software can assist businesses in decreasing the number of miles they travel and, consequently, their carbon footprint by optimising delivery routes and eliminating pointless travel. This will assist businesses in achieving sustainability objectives, minimising their environmental effect, and enhancing their brand reputation as a socially and ecologically responsible company. 


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Delivery Planning Software in Summary 

Delivery planning software provides numerous advantages to businesses, such as enhanced operational effectiveness, heightened customer satisfaction, instantaneous monitoring, financial savings, minimised errors, more effective resource distribution, improved data interpretation, increased productivity, expandability, and a competitive edge.

Through the optimisation of delivery routes, real-time tracking of deliveries, and the provision of valuable data insights, organisations can enhance their resource allocation, minimise expenses, and enhance overall productivity. As a result, delivery planning software will assist businesses in adapting and thriving in a continuously changing industry, ideally positioning them for future success.