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GSLS Enhances Performance and Lays Foundation for Growth with Descartes’ Route Optimisation and Mobile Proof of Delivery (POD) Solutions

Descartes is helping GSLS pursue its growth strategy by achieving a fully digital chain of custody for cash management while driving cost savings, improving fleet efficiency and delivering customer service excellence.  

“Descartes’ route optimisation and mobile proof of delivery solutions, integrated with our vault management and cash processing solutions, have given us that end-to-end, digital chain of custody, while also increasing the efficiency of our operations.”

– Fiacra Nagle, Chief Executive, GSLS. 



Utilising Dynamic Route Optimisation  

GSLS (General Secure Logistic Services) is a leading provider of cash management solutions to retail, hospitality, financial services and public sector organisations in Ireland since 2004.  

As part of its ambitious growth strategy to increase market share, GSLS recognised that its manual and spreadsheet-based approach to route planning was both time-consuming and too rigid to maximise the efficiency of its 80-plus-strong fleet. “Our routes were largely built up of twenty years of trading,” comments Fiacra Nagle, Chief Executive, GSLS. “However, during peak times when there might be unexpected and high demand for our services, we were reliant on one person working full-time planning and adjusting routes, which was both a direct overhead and hampered our ability to be as responsive to our customer needs as we wanted to be.” 

GSLS started looking at route optimisation technology that would help automate the process and maximise the efficiency of its fleet. “We chose Descartes for three reasons: firstly, their interaction with us was very strong from the outset – they had a clear understanding of our needs. Secondly, their ability to integrate seamlessly with our cash processing system. And thirdly, they had an integrated front-end solution for scanning and mobile proof of delivery that would enable us to go paperless,” explains Fiacra. 

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Part of Descartes’ route planning and execution, mobile and telematics suite, Descartes’ route planning & optimisation solution helps brands, retailers, distributors and logistics service providers achieve more agile, efficient and sustainable routing, improving fleet resource management by generating additional delivery capacity and reducing costs. Descartes execution helps drivers perform their daily routes, keeps managers aware of the progress and provides estimated-time-of-arrival (ETA) to notify customers of their deliveries. Descartes’ mobile application helps drivers execute the route, with proof of delivery (PoD) supporting customer service excellence and order accuracy through real-time mobile communication.  

For GSLS, Descartes has improved the efficiency and usage of its fleet of over 80 secure armoured vehicles by up to 20% in the last two years, while reducing overall fleet mileage. Sustainability improvements are also supported by removing paper from the supply chain. 


Creating a Digital Chain of Custody 

Expanding upon Descartes’ ability to integrate with GSLS’ cash processing system, Fiacra adds: “One of our other key objectives was to implement a full track and trace system across the business. Because we’re handling significant volumes of cash for banks and large retailers, there is no room for error. With Descartes, we now have that traceability between our back and front-end systems, which the clients have full visibility of also. It has meant not only improvements on the road, but also in billing, in compliance, in customer service and satisfaction – as well as overall business efficiency.”  

“Providing exemplary cash management solutions for our clients requires levels of accuracy, efficiency, traceability and security that are second to none. We recognised that growing our market-leading position required a data-driven approach to process improvements, underpinned by technological innovation,” he concludes  

“Descartes’ route optimisation and mobile proof of delivery solutions, integrated with our vault management and cash processing solutions, have given us that end-to-end, digital chain of custody, while also increasing the efficiency of our operations.” 

“As the market-leader in secure cash logistics in Ireland, GSLS prides itself on customer service excellence and faultless cash management execution,” said Peio Ribas, SVP Sales, EMENAR SVP at Descartes. “We’re delighted to help GSLS enhance these services by facilitating a fully digital chain of custody that supports accuracy, auditability and security of operations; offers tangible efficiency savings; and provides a platform for future growth.” 

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About GSLS 

Having been awarded Gold Standard winner in Deloitte’s Best Managed Company Awards 2022, GSLS has been operating in Ireland since 2004, and is proud to be recognised for offering market-leading cash management solutions to our clients.

As a uniquely independently owned company in this sector, GSLS has become the number one choice for cash logistics across retail, hospitality, financial services and the public sector in Ireland, and have grown to a team of 250 (and still growing!) serving our customers nationwide.  GSLS is the exclusive cash logistics partner of Retail Excellence Ireland for cash management solutions. 


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