Reduce costs and environmental impact, while maximising productivity of your fleet operations

Vehicle Telematics

Telematics is the monitoring and collection of data, from the on-the-road parameters of your fleet vehicles to the fault codes as they happen, real-time driver behaviour monitoring can improve safety and maintenance practices while ensuring you meet Regulatory Compliance requirements.

Benefits of Telematics for Fleet Operators

Key industry benefits for operators of commercial fleets, whether private or for-hire, include:

  • Reducing high operating costs due to 
    • rising fuel prices
    • equipment purchases and maintenance
    • labour and overtime expenses
    • engine idling
  • Finding innovative ways to leverage existing operations to improve service and drive growth
  • Meeting complex and constantly evolving government compliance standards and reporting
  • Safety Monitoring, measuring and managing driver behaviour (through scorecard methodology) to reduce costs and avoid costly insurance claims.
    • Including collision detection and notifications.
    • Seat belt usage
    • In vehicle driver coaching is also available
  • Improved fleet maintenance with vehicle engine notifications automatically logged.

The Descartes Telematics and Compliance solution helps meet these challenges and brings together innovative technologies for vehicles and mobile workforce tracking.

Features of the Telematics Devices used by Descartes

  • Simple installation utilising the vehicles OBD port
  • Compact, durable device with very low rate of failures
  • compatible with diverse range of vehicle types
  • State-of-the-art GPS technology for second by second tracking if required
  • G-force monitoring
  • End to end data protection
  • Ultra accurate engine diagnostics with manufacturers codes translated to understandable messages
  • in-vehicle driver coaching can be added as a function
  • Expansion is possible to include trailers and additional equipment possible, such as temperature monitoring in chilled trailers
  • Rugged version available for construction plant

Descartes’ solutions are designed to meet the needs of organisations, regardless of size or complexity. Our offering is unique in the marketplace in that it can provide fully integrated telematics and compliance functionality.

The telematics systems can be used as a standalone package or integrated with our routing and scheduling software to provide the real-time GPS location of vehicles within our mapping systems.

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Features & Benefits

GPS Tracking

Know where your vehicles are located at all times.

Collision & accident detection

Notification of collisions with detailed forensic data automaticaly uploaded. Track and analyses vehicle movement accurately, even in reverse.

Vehicle info & data

Cature the data from engine, drivetrain, instruments and other subsystems.

Cargo Monitoring

Temperature variations and door openings are monitored with alerts for out of parameter occurances.

Additional parameter monitoring

Traceability of transactions such as fuel and toll payments by vehicle and time. Plus maintenance monitoring.

Driver behaviour coaching

Improve driving, such as idiling, speeding and hash braking with immeadiate audiable buzzers, encouraging better driving habits.