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UK Driver shortages is the topic in the news

The UK is currently suffering from a shortage of between 65,000 and 100,000 HGV drivers according to a number of credible sources.

Whether it’s shops in Scotland failing to receive deliveries or Haribo struggling to deliver sweets problems are starting to be seen across the country. The driver shortage is even threatening the collection of household waste and recycling

Descartes was in the news recently also highlighting the UK’s driver shortage but suggesting possible solutions to the driver shortage in FMCG Magazine

The worrying shortage of HGV drivers was also recently covered by ITN News and one food delivery company is even suggesting the government should bring in the army to help, though this suggestion of using the Army has been rebuffed by industry associations keen to find longer term solutions to the crisis. BBC News reported on some of the reasons for the shortage and highlighted that some companies are even giving their drivers large pay increases to try and retain their existing drivers.

So, what remedies can retailers, distributors and delivery companies put in place to combat the fallout from such a crisis? Training and attracting new drivers is not a quick or simple fix, but one solution that can make a difference now is to utilise advanced routing and scheduling software to unlock greater efficiency gains whilst minimising the need to recruit new drivers. Companies can transform performance and maximise the utilisation and efficiency of their existing drivers and vehicles.

Route optimisation software can increase the productivity of existing drivers, with improvements in route quality and delivery schedules. Collating deliveries close to each other together, improves delivery density and makes daily trips less hectic, reducing driver stress and maintaining compliance with drivers’ hours legislation. This all helps to retain drivers.

Contact us find out how Route optimisation solutions could help you with driver shortages and enable you to deliver more with your existing fleet and drivers.

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