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Home Deliveries Disappoint

Poor Home Deliveries Continue to Disappoint Consumers.

Damaged Parcel

Which? The consumer research organisation recently released their research into 2020’s Christmas home delivery disasters.

The research shows that a whopping 37% of online consumers had issues with their home delivery, almost 4 in 10. They even listed the worst offending couriers. Retailers who depend on third party couriers should take note of their customers’ full delivery experience as a bad experience can lead to them loosing sales and receiving poor reviews. (Read our blog – Poor Delivery Planning has Consequences).

Online retailers need to take control of their customers end-to-end experience, right through to delivery and collections procedure for returns. Descartes conducted research with consumers in the summer of 2021, find out more in our whitepaper - Home Deliveries and making the most of the current online sales boom.

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