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The cost of delivery drivers and the current Driver Shortage

Besides Brexit and the “Pingdemic” causing many thousands of people to isolate at home, one of the main reasons suggested for the current UK driver shortage is the cancellation of driving tests during the Covid pandemic. The UK government are currently introducing various packages and solutions to try and alleviate this and trying to ensure that 1500 HGV drivers pass their tests per week. However, this will take many months to clear the back log and replace the numbers of HGV drivers leaving the profession through retirement, ill health or general apathy.

With the current UK Driver Shortage, estimated to be around 100,000 companies are now looking to do all they can to retain and recruit new drivers, one supermarket is offering new drivers £1000 to join them, while the cost of employing a driver is rising amidst reports of salaries rising and reaching £50k for lorry drivers. Some companies are looking to improve the conditions of work for their drivers, even as the UK government eases restrictions on drivers hours.

With costs expected to rise it is vital that you make the most of the drivers and vehicles you currently have, whilst maintaining compliance with  drivers’ hours and the required rest periods. Companies need to maximise their delivery density, ensuring that as many deliveries are made on each route as possible. The Descartes scheduling and route optimisation solution has been proven to increase productivity and improve delivery capacity by up to 35%. While also improving the daily route for the drivers and reducing stress through the knowledge that routes have been calculated on real traffic data for the time of day, meaning that if a driver follows the routes, which also allow for drivers’ rest periods, then the deliveries for that day should all be possible.

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HGV lorry driver shortage - driver in cab