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Diesel prices hit new high

July – The Ninth Consecutive Month of Fuel Price Increases

Following 8 months of consecutive fuel increases, July is now the ninth consecutive month and also the largest increase. Diesel rose by 3.4p/litre at forecourt pumps reaching 137.76p according to the latest RAC Fuel Watch Figures.

This is higher than the previous peak of 136.72p in October 2018, still not as high as the 2012 peak of 142.42p, but this rise makes July the most expensive July to fill up since 2014.

Coupled with driver shortages delivery fleets are facing some challenges at the moment.” Said Andrew Tavener, EMENA Marketing Manager for Routing, Descartes. “They need to increase delivery density to offset rising costs by to doing as many deliveries as possible with the vehicles and drivers they currently have within drivers’ hours limits. Descartes’ advanced route optimisation and delivery scheduling capabilities will have a significant impact on a fleet’s efficiency providing significant savings on fuel and the cost of each delivery.

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