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London Congestion Charge Reinstated 22nd June

TFL (Transport for London) has brought forward proposals to widen the scope and level of the London Congestion Charge. As of 22 June the London Congestion Charge has temporarily increased to £15 from 7am until 10pm seven days a week.

London Congestion Zone - vehicle tracking

This has been introduced to reduce traffic in central London, with the latest data showing that vehicle usage in the centre of London is back to pre Covid levels, TFL wish to avoid congestion and ensure the capitols recovery from the pandemic is not restricted by vehicles and congestion, with the new temporary cycleways introduced.

Ensuring you either know when your vehicles enters the charging zone, either intentionally or accidently could mean the difference between paying £15 (£17.50 if paid after the day of travel – 3 days grace) or a fine for non-payment of £160 (reducing to £80 if paid within 14 days). A vehicle telematics tracking device enables fleet management to know where a vehicle has been and whether it has entered a congestion zone and whether a fee is payable, while a Route Planning Software solution is helpful for planning delivery routes and avoiding the congestion zone altogether if possible.

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