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Yard Management

Plan and record trailer movements for greater stock control

For businesses with Distribution Centres (DC) or warehouse operations, Yard Management software can deliver improved efficiencies.

The movement of trailers can be complex and a time-consuming process, involving a wide range of personnel – from receipt, to gate guards and trailer jockeys. 

Any errors or loss of data throughout the lifecycle of a trailer can lead to delivery delays, penalties and even theft.

Descartes’ Yard Management software allows you to not only plan and record all trailer moves, inspections and security seal changes, but to maintain an audit trail for loss prevention and security of assets and goods. Trailers and their contents can also be tracked across multiple locations.

Specifically designed to help operators more effectively manage the movement of trailers, the Descartes’ Yard Management tool is an add-on package to Descartes’ Dock Appointment Scheduling software. It can even be used on the move by personnel in the yard using a touch screen tablet with a graphical interface.

Additional benefits

Great detail for the recording of;

  • Trailer arrivals
  • Inspections 
  • Departure of trailers
  • Yard checks
  • Tracking the history of trailer, driver, yard, yard jockey and appointments
  • Assigning tasks to staff
  • Providing notifications to carriers
  • Generation of reports for shipping, receiving and loss-prevention staff

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Graphic - Yard Management software

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Features & Benefits

Real-time visibility of trailer content

Quick access and inventory reduction, saves costs and improves efficiencies.

Plan & track trailer positions

Effective planning - assign parking and quickly locate trailers in the yard.

Satellite yards are supported

Manage multiple yards in one package, search for stock & prioritise trailers unloading.

Audit trail of movements

Digital history of bookings and changes provides an effective loss prevention and security system.

Graphical user interface

Combined with a mobile device the system can be used on foot in the yard for trailer identification and validation.

Integrates with dock scheduling & route planning software

Routes can be staged according to dock door availablity and empty trailer status

Cloud based software

Our Software is available over the internet wherever you have a connection, providing access to our solution when you are working from any location in the world.

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