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Ogi Brings a Connected Customer Experience to Broadband Installation Appointments

As Wales’ fastest growing broadband company, Ogi saw many Welsh communities were not getting the broadband speeds they deserved. By installing new full-fibre internet infrastructure and bypassing old, worn connections, Ogi wants to give people, communities, and businesses across south Wales a real online advantage, bringing the full fibre connection (FTTP or Fibre To The Premises) to their doorstep.  


Challenge: Providing a Friendly, Digital-first Customer Experience 

When it came to installation appointments, the company wanted to provide a friendly, digital-first customer experience that lived up to its brand promise.  

The Descartes Customer Engagement Platform was selected to provide automated communications, technician tracking and real-time feedback around installation appointments. It was easy to get started as the technology worked seamlessly with Ogi’s existing field service platform.  

“The solution integrated with our existing software, making it easy to track engineers to their job,” explains Louise Healey, Head of Service Operations at Ogi.  


Solution: Automated Communications, Technician Tracking and Feedback

Customers receive an email when their appointment is created, letting them know the date. On the morning of the appointment, the customer gets an SMS with their appointment time slot. When the installer is on their way, the customer receives an SMS with a link to the customer portal, where they can track the installer’s arrival on a map.   

Within the web-based portal, the customer can view the installer’s name and photo, so they know whom to expect at the door. They receive another SMS when the installer is about to arrive. “What’s great about the solution is that customers can see their appointment details, see where the engineer is and provide feedback all in the same place,” adds Louise Healey.  

Right after the appointment, the customer receives an SMS with a link to provide feedback. This includes a rating out of 5 and questions about specific aspects of the service. If the customer submits a negative feedback rating, an Ogi team member receives an alert so that the feedback can be taken into account.

“The feedback is very important. Customers can provide real-time feedback to help us continuously improve our service. The feedback also gives a boost to engineers, as they can see how well they’re performing,” says Healey.  

Descartes provides support for multiple languages within the customer portal. This allows Ogi to meet its commitment to provide a hyperlocal service across Wales. Order tracking was quick and easy to implement, allowing Ogi to provide an excellent experience to its rapidly growing customer base. Seamless integration with Ogi’s existing technology also meant the impact on installers has been minimal.   


The Results

Reduced Missed Appointments  

Ogi uses the solution to ensure customers have all the information they need before an installation. This also helps to avoid costly missed appointments.  

Improved Customer Experience  

Of the customers who provide feedback about their appointment, 4 out of 5 say they find the job progress and ETA helpful.  

Increased Feedback Response Rate  

Customers have engaged with the feedback feature, with 1 in 4 customers opting to submit feedback about their appointment experience.

Continuous Improvement  

Customers can provide real-time feedback to help Ogi continuously improve its service. The feedback also gives a boost to engineers, as they can see how well they are performing.  


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About Ogi

Ogi is a proudly Welsh, full-fibre broadband and internet service provider, passionate about connecting people.