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Delivery Management Software

Trusted by industry leaders, our fleet management solutions have earned the confidence of renowned companies for their reliability and efficiency.

Turn Challenges into Opportunities with Descartes Fleet Management Software

Explore tailored logistics solutions with Descartes Fleet Management Software—whether through our ‘Build your own solution’ tool or by delving into specific offerings like route planning, last-mile delivery, and mobile applications.

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Explore our comprehensive suite of innovative solutions, designed to address all aspects of your logistical requirements with precision and effectiveness.

  • Route Planning and Scheduling

    Maximise efficiency and reduce costs with advanced route planning and scheduling. Our software optimises routes using real-time   data, historic traffic patterns, and vehicle capacity, ensuring timely deliveries while cutting fuel use and emissions.

    • Reduced fuel costs: Optimise routes to deliver more in fewer miles, reducing fuel consumption.
    • Lower CO2 emissions: Contribute to a more sustainable future with eco-conscious route planning.
    • Increased delivery efficiency: Maximise daily deliveries, optimising driver and vehicle utilisation.
    • Improved delivery productivity: Increase delivery capacity without adding drivers or vehicles.
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  • Last Mile Delivery

    Achieve Last-Mile Delivery Excellence with Unmatched Visibility. Our delivery fleet management software offers end-to-end visibility, allowing you to track shipments in real-time, manage delivery exceptions, and provide accurate ETAs to customers.

    • Eliminate missed deliveries: Ensure timely and reliable deliveries, reducing customer frustration.
    • Boost customer satisfaction: Deliver on your promises and build lasting customer relationships.
    • Real-Time Tracking: Improve visibility with real-time updates for accurate delivery notifications and management.
    • Advanced Analytics: Gain insights from detailed delivery reports to enhance performance.
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  • Mobile Delivery Applications

    Empower your drivers with our intuitive mobile apps. Navigate routes, capture e-signatures, and communicate with dispatchers in real time. Boost productivity and customer satisfaction with our mobile solutions.

    • Proof of Delivery: Capture electronic signatures and photos to save time and paper in providing secure delivery confirmation.
    • Driver Performance: Track driver metrics and performance for continuous improvement and operational efficiency.
    • Instant Updates: Ensure communication with instant updates with drivers, ensuring timely information and coordination.
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  • Customer Experience

    Enhance customer engagement with our advanced solutions for delivery optimisation. Enable seamless interaction and transparency throughout the delivery process, ensuring  customer satisfaction and positive relationships.

    • Real-time Communication:  Reduce missed deliveries with status updates, tracking and two-way communication.
    • Customer Feedback: Speed up issue resolution by collecting feedback immediately after delivery.
    • Appointment Management: Reduce customer calls and increase On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) deliveries with a self-service portal.
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Descartes Systems empowers businesses with comprehensive solutions for every fleet operations challenge.

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