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Routing and Scheduling Software

How Routing and Scheduling Software can help businesses that make deliveries 

Routing and scheduling software is a valuable tool for a business that makes deliveries using its own fleet of vehicles, since it optimises transportation and streamlines operations, resulting in increased efficiency (more deliveries per mile), cost savings, and enhanced customer satisfaction. 

Overall, routing and scheduling software can help businesses with delivery fleets, optimise their operations and improve their bottom line by lowering costs, increasing efficiency and productivity while helping to enhance customer satisfaction. 


Here are just some ways that routing and scheduling software can benefit a business that makes deliveries: 

Four Routing and Scheduling Benefits

Route optimisation

Route optimisation

Routing software can analyse the most effective routes depending on a variety of parameters such as distance, traffic, and delivery windows. This will reduce logistics costs and improve delivery times.

Improve vehicle utilisation

Improved vehicle utilisation

By optimising the delivery schedule and minimising empty or partly loaded trips, delivery scheduling software will ensure that vehicles are fully used. This will help a company accomplish more with their existing fleet and drivers, as well as lowering fuel usage and maintenance expenses. Descartes' software has helped some businesses increase their delivery capacity by 35% without adding drivers or vehicles.

Customer experience

Improved customer service

Accurate and timely deliveries can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Routing and scheduling software will help ensure that deliveries are completed on time and will provide customers with real-time tracking and notifications. After a delivery schedule based on real-time traffic data and vehicle capacity has been generated, the delivery time window could well be decreased to a half or one-hour slot. Consumers like more definite delivery timeframes and delivering when you say you will help develop customer loyalty.

Streamlined operations

Streamlined operations

Routing and scheduling software automates many of the manual administrative tasks associated with logistics, such as scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing. The time taken to calculate the delivery routes is greatly reduced along with manual errors while efficiency is increased, freeing up time for employees to focus on other important tasks.

Routing and Scheduling Software Case Studies

Additional Features & Benefits

optimisation engine

Continuous background optimisation

Achieve more efficient route plans for your fleet than traditional batch-based optimisation techniques and provide costed delivery options at the point of sale in seconds.

Correct data

High quality traffic data

Very accurate route times are possible using road speeds that are based  upon the day, the time of day, the route taken and even the direction of travel, giving you confidence in the route schedule and your customers delivery times.

Integrates with other Descartes software

Integration with other Descartes fleet management and optimisation solutions

Descartes Route Planning Solutions have been designed to work with Descartes Mobile™ Applications, Transportation Management and Compliance Management solutions to provide a one-stop-shop for optimising in-house fleets and third party transport operations.

Wide range of solutions for all fleet operations

Wide range of solutions for all fleet operations

Descartes routing solutions can accommodate all fleet sizes and operations. From fixed static routes delivering to retailers to dynamic home delivery operations. Get more out of your fleet assets and reduce the cost of transport operations.

Cloud connectivity

Cloud based software

Our fleet route scheduling Software is available over the internet wherever you have a connection, providing team access to our solution,  working from any location at any time.