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Routing and Scheduling Software

Utilise route optimisation and dynamic delivery scheduling to deliver more for less 

Routing and scheduling software enables fleet managers to effectively optimise the routes taken by their delivery and servicing vehicles, whilst route scheduling creates an efficient schedule for these vehicles to follow.

Descartes' route optimisation software and dynamic delivery scheduling software responds to new orders in real time, taking full advantage of chances for improved customer service and increased sales.  

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Increase your delivery capacity by up to 35%

Existing clients have increased their delivery capacity by 35% without increasing the size of the fleet. 

Optimising van and HGV fleet operations with vehicle planning, scheduling and route mapping software will minimise costs through: 

  • Reducing the miles driven. 
  • Decreasing fuel consumption. 
  • Cutting vehicle servicing and maintenance. 

Using our route optimisation planner and delivery scheduling software existing clients have achieved savings of over £2m per annum from fuel costs, vehicle servicing and consumables. 

Reduce costs and lower CO2 emissions

Our products will help you optimise fleet resources, reduce emissions reduction, and cut costs. 

To find out how much money you'll save using our software solutions, try our handy tool. 

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Why use our routing logistics software?

Delivery reservations

  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Costed delivery options
  • Increased delivery density
  • Allows for added services

Route planning

  • Dynamic optimised routes
  • Turn by turn routing with latest traffic data
  • Accommodates all fleet sizes and mix of vehicles
  • Integrates with Mobile Applications & Telematics

Continuous optimisation

  • Reduces time spent planning routes
  • Creates more efficient routes
  • Delivery slots matched to resources available
  • Costed delivery options at point of sale

Planned v. Actual

  • Links route planning with vehicle tracking
  • Alert customers to delays
  • Monitor and review import KPI’s
  • Improves future operational performance

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Descartes' Routing and Scheduling Solutions

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Delivery Reservations

Automated delivery scheduling, the ability to allow customers to choose their own delivery slots, determined by resources available will improve customer satisfaction.

route optimisation time

Delivery Route Scheduling

The concept of delivery route scheduling is to determine which delivery vehicle an order should be transported on and the best order in which a delivery vehicle should make its deliveries.

location on map

Route Optimisation

Use clever mathematical algorithms and artificial intelligence to dynamically optimise delivery routes from the latest road network data in real time.

street map location

Delivery Route Planning

The creation of optimised delivery routes, allocating resources and refining delivery routes in order to maximise a company's operating efficiency.

multiple locations on a route

Multiple Drop Route Planner

Plan and optimises multiple drop delivery routes, including address verification and the ability to track a vehicle's progress in real-time against the planned route.

delivery tot he home

Last Mile Delivery

Improving customer satisfaction with your deliveries, from delivery slot selection to customer tracking apps and digital proof of delivery with our last mile delivery services.

Customer Successes

Routing and Scheduling Software Features

  • Combined Route Optimisation & Scheduling Software

    The problem with most route planning & scheduling software products is that they are disconnected. Descartes' integrated approach means that scheduling deliveries and routing are one process. The number of missed deliveries can be eliminated if your scheduling system has the ability to check 'true' route availability and consider all the relevant logistics variables such as drive time, service time, vehicle capacity, drivers’ hours etc. - all in real-time.

    Combining route optimisation and scheduling software will help to build route density by allowing available delivery slots to be offered to customers as options for their delivery.

    With the scheduling system connected to the routing system and validating true delivery capacity in real-time, the delivery cost is known in real-time and can be leveraged to influence buyer behaviour in selecting delivery slots.

    This is ideal for multi-drop deliveries where route density is important and vehicles need to be as efficient as possible. The software allows for rerouting of delivery vehicles while on the move to allow for congestion or changes in orders and collections.

  • Continuous Background Optimisation

    Continuous background route optimisation provides a better end result and saves planning time when compared to traditional batch optimisation techniques (where slots and capacity are fixed).

    The optimisation engine continually adjusts route plans as new orders come in. Costed delivery options can be presented to customers in seconds at the point-of-sale (on-line, in-store or over the phone) and deliveries committed in real-time.

    More time can be spent processing the orders, capacity and business constraints to provide a better end result. Any changes such as new incoming orders can be easily accommodated, and deliveries scheduled to give a truly dynamic scheduling capability.

    Orders are visualised on a map, the software then considers the street level network and parameters in order to build delivery routes automatically. Dispatchers will then still have full control to manage exceptions with easy drag and drop moves.

    Companies that have moved from 'manual route construction' to 'exception management' with a Descartes routing tool find that their route planning time can often be reduced to just 15 minutes per day.

    INFOGRAPHIC: Advantages of Continuous Route Optimisation

  • Delivery Reservations

    With the continued growth in online retailing, customers increasingly want the option to pick delivery slots that are convenient to them. Choice and cost of delivery times are big influencers with online buyer behaviour.

    Descartes Reservations™ is used by leading retailers around the globe to offer a range of home delivery options to consumers at differentiated price points including premium and green deliveries.

    Integrated with the Route Optimisation & and Scheduling software the consumer can be incentivised to select delivery slots where a vehicle is already in their area to increase the density of deliveries on the route. Offering choice and tighter delivery slots also minimises missed deliveries and the high cost of returned goods for re-delivery.

    Retailers of goods such as electrical white goods can also factor in value added services such as installation and removal or disposal of goods to ensure the delivery options presented at point of sale accommodate the value-added services selected, while ensuring that the delivery crew have the correct number of people or skills and time to do the job.

    A leading UK retailer has achieved a 500% increase in the take up of value-added services and added tens of millions of pounds in revenue by incorporating the sale of value-added services at the point of sale when scheduling the delivery of their electrical goods.

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  • ERP Systems

    Our route optimisation and scheduling software can be integrated with most ERP systems, resulting in seamless delivery bookings.

  • Telematics Integration

    Descartes Route Optimisation Software is perfect for Multiple Drop Route Planning and Dynamic Delivery Scheduling, ideal for fleets with at least 10 to thousands of vehicles, it isused to perform a wide variety of tasks from fixed routes to dynamic and high-density multi-drop home delivery operations..

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  • Multiple Drop Route planning

    Descartes Route Optimisation Software is perfect for Multiple Drop Route Planning and Dynamic Delivery Scheduling, ideal for fleets with 10 vehicles or more, it can be used to perform a wide variety of tasks from fixed routes to dynamic and high density multi-drop home delivery operations.

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  • Other Fleet Solutions

    Route Planning and Optimisation Solutions have been designed to work with Descartes Mobile™TelematicsTransportation Management and Compliance Management solutions. This provides a one-stop-shop for the effective management of in-house fleets and third party transport operations or a mix of both.

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Routing and Scheduling FAQs

  • How routing and scheduling software can benefit your business 

    Descartes Route Optimisation and Scheduling Software is used every day by road transport operations to streamline route planning and cut costs. Once implemented, they often observe operational advantages and ROI within months. 

    Descartes Route Optimisation Software makes it simple to enter or import information such as delivery addresses, order volumes, time frames, vehicle sizes, and driver shifts. Then, with only a click of a button, our software will generate practicable, affordable and achievable delivery routes. The end result is a transport strategy that meets business KPIs and customer delivery objectives while making the greatest use of your fleet resources. 

  • What is routing and scheduling?

    Routing and scheduling refers to the process of efficiently planning and organising delivery routes for fleets.  

    It involves determining the most optimal paths for vehicles to reach their destinations while considering factors such as delivery windows, vehicle capacities, traffic conditions, and driver availability. Descartes' Routing and Scheduling Software leverages advanced algorithms and real-time data to streamline this process, resulting in improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction.