Reduce costs and environmental impact, while maximising productivity of your fleet operations

Vehicle Telematics

Monitoring the on-the-road parameters of your fleet vehicles can improve safety and maintenance practices while ensuring you meet Regulatory Compliance requirements.

Key industry challenges for operators of commercial fleets, whether private or for-hire, include:

  • Reducing high operating costs due to 
    • rising fuel
    • equipment purchases and maintenance
    • labour and overtime expenses
  • Finding innovative ways to leverage existing operations to improve service and drive growth
  • Meeting complex and constantly evolving government compliance standards and reporting
  • Monitoring, measuring and managing driver behaviour (through scorecard methodology) to reduce costs and avoid costly insurance claims.

The Descartes Telematics and Compliance solution helps meet these challenges and brings together innovative technologies for vehicles and mobile workforce tracking.

Descartes’ solutions are designed to meet the needs of organisations, regardless of size or complexity. Our offering is unique in the marketplace in that it can provide fully integrated telematics and compliance functionality.

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Features & Benefits

Telemetry data logger

Data can be used to help reconstruct accident dynamics for liability charges.

GPS Tracking

Know where your vehicles are located at all times.

Cargo Monitoring

Temperature variations and door openings are monitored with alerts for out of parameter occurances.

RFID Driver identificiation

Theft alerts whenever vehicle is started by non-authorised person or when vehicle is driven outside of Geo-fence parameters.

Additional parameter monitoring

Traceability of transactions such as fuel and toll payments by vehicle and time. Plus maintenance monitoring.

Panic (SOS) button

Provides lone driver with safety and security.