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What is Route Optimisation?

Route optimisation is the process of finding the shortest route to travel between two points.

However, we all know from using satellite navigation systems that the fastest route is not necessarily the shortest route. So, finding the best route can consider many factors such as distance, fuel consumption and time to drive the route, which of course can also depend upon the time of day or direction of travel.

Route optimisation for delivery routes

Route optimisation for multiple deliveries is the method of using artificial intelligence and running complicated algorithms, to calculate the best route. These systems can calculate the best route and order of deliveries for a vehicle that needs to make as many stops in a day as possible without compromising driver safety. Advanced route optimisation systems speed up the processes that used to be done manually. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) on route optimisation systems can run multiple scenarios in a very short space of time to calculate the most efficient order and distribution route for that day’s deliveries. Modern advanced route optimisation systems can do this for any number of deliveries and all the available drivers and vehicles very quickly.

Route optimisation helps to reduce the time taken to calculate the best delivery routes and will ensure the most efficient route is created. By providing the best and most efficient routes, optimisation helps companies to save on fuel and vehicle maintenance, while increasing the number of possible deliveries and the delivery density on each route.

Traditionally route optimisation systems have calculated routes in batches, taking the next day’s deliveries, and determining the best routes for that day, one day at a time. However, advanced route optimisation will continually optimise the routes as each order is taken, enabling deliveries to be optimised over many days and delivery options that can be met to be presented back to consumers in real time at the point of sale.

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