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Webinar – Is the death of the High Street complete?

Business Leader Virtual Event
Was live on 4th May 2021, now available on demand to watch

Is the Death of the High Street Complete? – 2020 will be remembered for the eerie pictures of empty streets, highways and city centres. While the earth suffered the Corona Virus Pandemic the retail landscape shifted. Household brands have been lost forever and others changed hands, while new business have risen to the top of their market.

Business Leader Death of retail high street 4 May

Has Covid-19 signalled the demise of the High Street?
Descartes is taking part in the panel discussion, held by Business Leader discussing the future of the High Street and online retail.
Alongside Pol Sweeney, VP Sales & Country Manager UK, Descartes will be:

  • David Young: CEO, Bradfords Building Supplies
  • Chris McShane: Director – Strategy, Transformation and Business Development, Halfords PLC
  • Preston Benson: Founder, Really Local Group
  • Kate Hardcastle MBE: The Customer Whisperer & founder if Insight with Passion
  • Lee Read: Head of Product & Marketing, Easy Bathrooms
  • Martyn Bysh: CEO & C0-Founder, Huboo


After a year of change and the increase of online retail to be 36% of all retail (Office for National Statistics) with no indications of slowing the panel will debate a range of topics including:

  • Has COVID-19 been the catalyst of change in the retail sector?
  • Will people go back to the high-street post-pandemic?
  • With more online shopping – what has this meant for deliveries and innovation in the space?
  • What does a good online retail experience look like – from clicks to drop off?
  • How is technology supporting online retailers?
  • How do online retailers create a strong brand proposition from website to delivery?
  • Is the online retail proposition meeting customer expectations?

Importantly what does this all mean for the customer experience and what does it suggest for the future of bricks and mortar retail?

Click here to watch the panel discussion