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Road Schemes and Works for 2023

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With a  total of around 44 road schemes planned by National Highways over the coming year planning ahead for your journeys and deliveries will be essential. 

Find out what projects are in your area and whether they could affect your travels and deliveries in the list below. 


  • Yorkshire and North East
    • A1 Birtley to Coal House – general road improvements due to be completed by early 2025. 
    • A1 Doncaster to Darrington – over 30 various schemes due to start in 2025. 
    • A1 Wentbridge Viaduct & Wentedge Road Bridge repairs until winter 2023. 


  • North West
    • A5036 Port of Liverpool – new road to improve access, still in planning and consultation. 
    • A533 (M56) Expressway bridge replacement is expected to be completed by Summer 2023. 
    • A585 Windy Harbour to Skippool, a new bypass around Little Singleton, already started and due to complete Summer 2023. 
    • A595 Moresby upgrades, tunnelling work has already started, two temporary traffic lights that could be in place for some time. 
    • A66 rolling maintenance work between Cockermouth and Brough. 


  • West Midlands
    • A38 Fradley to Barton essential maintenance until Autumn 2023. 
    • M40/M42 interchange, the upgraded to a smart motorway has been paused for now. 
    • M42 junc 6 – capacity improvements, work has already started and due to complete by early 2025. 
    • M54 – M6 link road – new road scheme expected to be complete by early 2025. 
    • M6 Junc 10 improvements due to complete early 2023. 


  • East Midlands
    • The junctions on the A52 could soon be improved now that a contractor has been appointed. 
    • A38 junction improvements at Derby planned to start as soon as possible. 
    • A46 Newark bypass widening to dual carriageway – Public Consultation has concluded. 
    • A46 Six Hills – maintenance work is planned starting May 2023 and lasting 12 months. 
    • A5 Towcester – 3 options under consultation to alleviate the high number of HGV’s passing through the town centre. 
    • A52 Clifton bridge out of Nottingham will be closed for 2 nights in April. 
    • A52 Dunkirk – to upgrade the pedestrian & cycle pathways to Nottingham University. Survey now complete. 


  • East
    • The widening of the A12 in Essex, upgrading to dual carriageway.  
    • Junction improvements along the A47. 
    • New road layout between A428 and the A1, from the Black Cat roundabout to Caxton Gibbet. 
    • A11 Replacement of concrete road surface and associated works due to be completed Summer 2023. 
    • A12 Chelmsford 20 A120 widening, junc 19-25 will start in late 2023/ early 2024. 
    • A12 junction 25 – Marks Tey to Junc 26 Stanway, concrete road replacement expected to finish by early 2024. 
    • A12 Junc 13 & 15, concrete road surface replacement that started this month (Feb 2023) is expected to be complete by Summer 2024. 
    • A120 concrete road surface replacement will not start until Spring 2024 but will last 12 months. 


  • South East
    • M3, Junc 9 - Wincester Junction improvements – planning inspectorate review. 
    • A21 Safety improvements from Sevenoaks to Hastings, ongoing until Dec 2024. 
    • A23 Brighton Road, Hooley, no start date yet. 
    • A27 Arundel Bypass is due to start in 2024-25. 
    • A27 East of Lewes – 1 of the 4 schemes for this road has already started and due to complete Spring 2023. 
    • A27 resurfacing from Grove Lodge to Lancing, due to be completed by March 2023. 
    • A27 safety improvements – moving works until 2030. 


  • South West
    • A30 Chiverton to Carland Cross upgrade has started and due to complete early 2024. 
    • A303 – dual carriage way between Sparkford and Ilchester completing early 2024. 
    • A303 Stonehenge – with the Secretary of State to reconsider. 
    • A358 Taunton to Southfield – upgrade to dual carriageway – paused. 
    • A38 safety upgrades are planned. 
    • A417 the Missing link, Brockworth to Cowley, starting early 2023 and lasting into 2027. 
    • M4/M5 interchange, dynamic hard shoulder – starts Feb 2023 until end 2023. 
    • M48 Severn Bridge - cable inspections reduced number of lanes; one side is complete. Expect to finish Aug 2023. 



With so many road closures, repairs, and rehabilitation projects either in progress or planned this year, route optimisation and delivery route scheduling software have become more than simply cost-saving strategies.

If your routes are efficient and optimised taking into account every changing road works, you can provide customers with a precise delivery window, so they can plan ahead and be available to accept the delivery, this will enhance the customer experience and influence future buyer behaviour. And keeping the end customer fully informed of any updated ETAs when an unexpected delay arises maintains your relationship with them. You'll also gain the trust of your clients and become their go-to logistics provider or supplier. 


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