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National Highways Road Schemes and works for 2025 – 2030

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In a change from previous years, National Highways are not proposing any new road schemes for the period 2025-2030. They have decided to concentrate on the existing network and improve the current roads instead. They want to focus on proactive maintenance and junction improvements to reduce congestion at certain hotspots.  

Safety is also a major theme for National Highways, and they plan to address this with upgrades to 17 routes on single-carriage A roads covering 147 miles. 

Previously announced road schemes will continue, with the aim of reducing congestion, such as the A303 near Stonehenge, the lower Thames Crossing and the A66 Northern Trans-Pennine dualling. 

The National Highways network has been calculated to carry 4 million vehicles a day and this is expected to increase and they will need to find ways of improving the network capacity without adding additional routes.  


A budget of £347million has been set to cover 32 schemes that have so far been identified. Listed below: 

  • Northern Schemes
    • A19 north of Newcastle junction improvements  
    • A64 Hopgrove  
    • M1 Leeds eastern gateway  
    • M1/M62 Lofthouse interchange  
    • M6 Junctions 19 to 21a Knutsford to Croft - extra capacity  
    • M1 Junctions 35 to 39 Sheffield to Wakefield - extra capacity  
    • A1 Doncaster to Darrington  
    • M6 junction 22  
    • Manchester south-east junction improvements 


  • Eastern Schemes
    • A47/A1101 Elm Road junction  
    • A11 Fiveways junction  
    • M11 junction 13 Cambridge west  
    • A12/A14 Copdock interchange – supported by the Port Infrastructure Fund 
    • A120 Braintree to A12 
    • Tilbury link road 


  • Midlands Schemes
    • M6 junction 15 - Potteries southern access  
    • A483 Pant-Llanymynech bypass (in cooperation with the Welsh Government)  
    • M1 North Leicestershire extra capacity  
    • M1 Leicester western access  
    • A5 Hinckley to Tamworth 


  • Southern and Western Schemes
    • Severn resilience package  
    • A404 Bisham junction  
    • A2 Brenley Corner A303 Phase 2 upgrade  
    • A3/A247 Ripley south  
    • A21 safety package  
    • A2 Dover Access 
    • A27 Lewes to Polegate A27 Chichester improvements  
    • M27 south and Westhampton access  
    • A38 Trerulefoot-Carkeel safety package  
    • A404/M40 junction 4 - High Wycombe 



The above are only the works currently being proposed by National Highways, on top of these road schemes will be a series of further schemes funded by local councils as part of an 11-year plan and an £8.3bn budget following the cuts to the HS2 railway line. 

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