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Turning Home Delivery into a Competitive Advantage

Turning Home Delivery into a Competitive Advantage

Descartes' latest eBook with valuable real-world insights.

Home delivery is THE hot topic in retail. It's not just an important driver of customer satisfaction, but could also be a profit generator and positive differentiator. Home delivery is the new "battle ground" for competitive advantage. 

The strategies and tactics used by retailers to achieve a competitive advantage can also be applied to business-to-business delivery operations. If you want to learn, look at the best in class!

Descartes' recent Home Delivery Benchmark Study provided insights on home delivery strategies and tactics used by industry leaders. The eBook expands on this to take a closer look at those insights and aligns them with strategies to address real-world home delivery challenges.

Download the eBook to learn more about how:

  • A leading UK retauler turned home delivery into a strategic differentiator and profit centre
  • A furniture retailer improved delivery success rates and customer satisfaction with dynamic scheduling
  • A leading North American department store achieved $3 million annual savings on deliveries
  • A housewares retailer transformed it's delivery operations by providing cloud-based delivery visibility to customers