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The benefits of collaborative Transport Management

Descartes will showcase a suite of Transport Management solutions at MultiModal 2017

In an increasingly inter-connected, regulated and yet uncertain world, transport operators and their customers face mounting pressure to ensure efficient fleet management with route optimisation, compliance and just-in-time supply chain operations. Coupled with the omnipresent security threat and increasing congestion, achieving complete visibility and a ‘control tower’ capability to optimise assets in real-time is more important than ever.

Paperless collaboration between carriers, transport operators and customers within their network is critical to achieving such seamless and secure operations. Transport Operators attending stand 8040 of Multimodal 2017 will have the opportunity to view the full range of Descartes transport management solutions for the job, comprising:

  • Dock appointment scheduling – a collaborative, community-based solution that enables shippers, carriers and consignees to schedule dock door appointments. It streamlines the dock appointment process by distributing the responsibility for scheduling warehouse deliveries or pickups to carriers and suppliers. By ensuring all supply chain partners are involved in the process and have visibility into requested, scheduled and rescheduled dock appointments, this solution optimises receiving operations for inbound shipments, helps coordinate outbound pickups and ensures appropriate security measures are accounted for.

  • Electronic document management and customs filing – including air, ocean, ground, customs, and commercial documents such as advance shipping notices, booking requests and confirmations, cargo status updates, tracking requests, freight invoices, bills of lading, originating and derived purchase orders, and invoices.

  • Route planning and optimisation - advanced route optimisation across a wide variety of planning scenarios from territories and master routes through to extremely dynamic routing environments driven by real-time demand.

    Doing more with less is fast becoming a mantra – but given the efficiencies that most organisations have already attained, transport operators are left questioning where the additional performance can be found. The answer is in embracing a more collaborative approach to decrease costs, improve service, increase productivity, and ensure security and compliance.

    Descartes is the only provider offering a full range of transport management solutions. To learn more, visit Stand 8040 at Multimodal 2017, 4-6th April.