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Second time around for CPC deadline

The Driver CPC deadline is fast approaching for the second time.

It was September 2009 when the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) came into effect in the UK. CPC covers professional HGV, bus and coach drivers and was introduced with the aim of improving road safety and maintaining high standards of driving. Every five years the Driver CPC must be renewed and each driver must complete 35 training hours in order to be issued with a Driver Qualification Card (DQC). Professional drivers are legally prohibited from driving without a current CPC qualification and could face a fine of up to £1,000.

The second 5 year deadline since 2009 is fast approaching for those companies that operate HGVs and other vehicles that fall under CPC regulations. Professional drivers who originally passed back in September 2009 when the regulations first came into force, must now complete their latest mandatory training and renew their CPC in time. The current training period will come to an end on 9th September 2019, so drivers don’t have much time left to renew if they haven’t done so already!

Minimise and manage risk

Given that the CPC must be renewed every five years, companies need a robust and fool proof method of verifying licences and driver CPC at the same time. This is essential as we approach the September 9th deadline as some drivers may not have completed their 35 hours in time and if an operator is using agency drivers how could they be sure that a driver has an up to date CPC?

Descartes’ SmartLicence provides businesses with access to a comprehensive online management tool for employee driving licences. Once setup, the SmartLicence software regularly conducts licence checks at predetermined intervals in accordance with the risk profile of a driver and will verify a drivers’ licence and CPC with the DVLA. More points on a licence results in more frequent checks. Automated email alerts are sent highlighting any issues that may need your attention, such as new points on the licence or a looming CPC deadline. SmartLicence stores a log of licence and CPC checks, plus any detail changes proving to any authorities that your business is taking its duty of care seriously, ensuring that employees are licensed and that they have completed their CPC on time.

The SmartLicence software enables employers to take a proactive and consistent approach to checking the validity of their drivers’ licences and CPC, while also identifying and highlighting those drivers at risk.

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