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Police issue fines to HGV drivers in restricted areas

HGV restriction sign 7.5 tonnes


Due to an ongoing problem with HGVs driving through restricted villages or over bridges and roads unsuitable for the weight of an HGV, Thames Valley Police have been forced to take action.

A large number of fines have been issued through the month of October for HGVs’s breaking weight restrictions in Berkshire, with one driver being caught in a restricted 7.5-tonne area while driving an 18-tonne HGV. 

Fleet operators need to ensure that the route their vehicles take is suitable for the weight and size of the vehicle. Using Descartes’ route optimisation software the type of vehicle being used is considered and the delivery routes are created accordingly. Routes can also be generated for vehicles carrying hazardous loads helping them to avoid legally restricted locations depending upon their load. 


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