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What are companies doing to survive the supply chain and logistics workforce and driver shortage challenge?

What Are Companies Doing to Survive the Supply Chain and Logistics Workforce Challenge?

During the pandemic workforce strategies changed due to labour shortages. 

It was originally thought that the problem would go away once economies stabilised, but research from Descartes’ latest study - How Bad Is The Supply Chain and Logistics Workforce Challenge? shows that is not the case.  

As a result, companies are employing new hiring and retention strategies and aggressively applying technology to offset the ongoing workforce and driver shortages in logistics. Because the workforce problem is pervasive, Descartes wanted to find out exactly what companies are doing to address it. Descartes worked with SAPIO Research to survey 1,000 supply chain and logistics leaders in Europe and North America to better understand the strategies and tactics they were employing to improve recruitment and retention effectiveness and how they were using technology to mitigate the impact of ongoing workforce and driver shortages.  

The goal for the study was to give supply chain and logistics leaders an in-depth perspective on what actions leading companies are taking to address the challenge of workforce and driver shortages. 

Find out what we discovered by reading the report. 

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