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New HGV’s Zero Emissions

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New HGV’s will need to be Zero Emission by 2040

Following Transport Day at Cop26, the UK Government has announced that all new HGV’s sold in the UK will need to be zero emissions by 2040 and that new heavy goods vehicles weighing under 26 Tonnes will need to be emission free by 2035. (News item)

This follows a similar deal signed by 24 countries and 6 major vehicle manufacturers to only sell zero emission new cars and vans by 2040 (2035 in leading markets such as the UK). UK Gov COP26 car and van deal. 

Companies will eventually reach zero emission deliveries over the next 14-19 years, but there is much that can be done now to reduce a fleet’s carbon emissions. Ensuring that each vehicle is making the maximum number of deliveries and driving the least number of miles for each delivery is possible now. By using the latest delivery planning and route optimisation software companies can easily increase productivity by up to 35% while at the same time reducing the miles driven and thus their carbon emissions for every delivery. For each reduced mile, a saving of around 0.6Kg can be made, burning a litre of diesel produces around 2.62kgs of Carbon Dioxide.

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