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New HGV registrations up in 2023 1st quarter

HGV Lorry Fleet


According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) the UK demand for HGV’s in 2023 has led to the highest number of new HGV Registrations in the first quarter of the year since pre-Covid 2019. Rigid and Artic vehicle classifications have both seen growth, with rigids up 17.3% and artics up 16.8% on the 1st Qtr 2022, a total of 11,517 vehicles. 

This is the 4th Quarter of growth, driven it is believed by high demand from all sectors for replacement vehicles coupled with an easing of supply issues. Tractors saw the largest number of sales at 5,585 units, up 15.7% while dropside trucks grew by the largest percentage of 38.8%, but all types of HGV increased. 

However, electric and hydrogen HGV’s only accounted for 0.3% of the market, despite there being 20 different models available in the UK to choose from.  

Whatever vehicles you have in your fleet and whatever your plans are for replacement vehicles in the future, be they zero emission vehicles or current diesel vehicles, you will still need to maximise their productivity and keep running costs to a minimum. The Descartes delivery scheduling and route optimisation software will calculate optimal delivery patterns and utilise each vehicle to its upmost while minimising miles and CO2 emissions, taking into account the unique mileage range, capacity and delivery capabilities of each vehicle type. The Descartes software will also select the ideal vehicle for each delivery, especially those in Clean Air or Ultra Low emission Zones.


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