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Home Delivery Sentiment Study 2023

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Having surveyed 8,000 consumers across ten European and North American countries in 2022  to gain their views on home delivery, Descartes in combination with SAPIO Research has conducted a new survey in 2023 to find out how things have changed over the past 12 months. 

The study revealed that 67% of consumers experienced a home delivery problem in the 3-month period surveyed. And 68% took some form of action against the retailer or delivery company.

Download the 2023 Home Delivery Consumer Sentiment study today

The study analyses:

  • Consumer online buying behaviour and delivery preferences.
  • The customer experience with home delivery
  • Actions taken following a problem with home delivery.

The insights can be compared to 2022 and split by country, product and demographics.

Retailers and delivery companies have work to do as consumers are making purchasing decisions based on the delivery options available, costs and experience of home delivery.


Download the 2023 Home Delivery Consumer Sentiment study today

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